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  1. i think you should do this as well. and anyone who already ordered should be clicking that paypal dev button above right now...
  2. MB-6582 panels...

    wow, that's a lot of figs. nobody, and i mean nobody, can eat 890 newtons...
  3. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Wishlist

    honestly, i think things like this are far better off with dedicated versions for each os. so we pc users will have to add our own user interface code, i say good, java sucketh...
  4. ok i'm the first! well, after wilba, of course... and maybe only the first to crow... but still,  RESULT! what do i win?
  5. [S] ultracore at cost

    "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike"
  6. I made noise with my MB-6582

    i don't know about the color, i adjusted brightness and contrast to make the bg look black...
  7. MB-6582 CS cabling

    haven't tried these in 6582, but they worked great in the x0xb0x: http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?qs=d3OAIvvHo4uDFEllXEu8ng%3d%3d there's a 2 inch variant too, non-stock at mouser but here they are at digikey: http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail?name=WM08-02A-ND
  8. Feedback Loop on SID

    +1 lyle's midibox mixer pcbs will be good for this, as well as for mixing the outputs of multiple sids, which could maybe be saved in the ensemble...
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  10. ths mght prtly xpln why s mny bldrs rn't mmbrs (r jst rn't mr ctv mmbrs) f ths frm
  11. blv m, thr r lts f mdbxs t thr md by flks wh dn't frqnt ths frm. nd tht's jst fn.
  12. py ttntn, smthy. h's dmnstrtng th kl, nt th sd. t jst hppns t b n th sm rck, whch s prtty cl.
  13. wheeeeee, funny pics there. hurray!  the witchburning party is ahead in the polls.
  14. MB-6582 panels...

    campaign?  hmmmm i promise to raise taxes on the richest 65% of the people and make the government mom. and don't vote for that other guy!  he molests children.... **
  15. MB-6582 panels...

  16. MB-6582 panels...

    must. not.. bash.... jb... weld.... barely... re sis ting.... los...ing... con.scio.us..nessss......
  17. board layouts

    you have already found the latest layouts. SmashTV's layouts are not well suited to home etching, and are not published.
  18. A electronic Pipe Organ (Photos)

  19. Improved GM5 BOARD 5x5 EXPANDED

    datasheet says usb 2.0
  20. 40x2 Optrex Green on Black LCD Order finished

    (i have an ear infucktion)
  21. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Wishlist

    personally i'd rather see this seq stay a step seq... the usage and editing requirements are quite different for a high res midi seq, i think enough so that such a thing would deserve it's own application... however being able to delay or advance steps in time by small amounts within a track could be very cool. +1 on the phasing thing (different track lengths in parallel) this is very fun thing to use on audio loopers anyways...
  22. The CAN-Bus..

    a few ideas for can:   make sure the diodes aren't in backwards, for id:   make sure the id is what you think it is,   and that you are setting it properly in mios studio,   and that you are setting J11 correctly (not to be confused with Core1_J11) *edit* (this line applies only to mb-6582)
  23. The CAN-Bus..

    akk i see goblinz didn't mention his is a mb-6582. that part only applies to the mb-6582.  i'll edit that post to reflect this...
  24. Improved GM5 BOARD 5x5 EXPANDED

    isn't the cenTIMeter one for the metric impaired?? *whack*