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  1. I'm not a fan of it. And no it's not a standard, and I hope it goes away, but it probably won't. 5 pin DIN is good, strong reliable connector. Can't accidentally plug into the wrong signal, and no need to have silly adapter cables, for which there are at least two types. but to the OP, I'm not saying your idea is bad, these things exist in manufactured products, there is no fault in being prepared for them.
  2. Thank you. i was hoping to avoid installing the software, I have so much installed already and I'm not going to use it otherwise but oh well, no big deal.
  3. I'm interested in two displays. What'S your timeline? I'm in no hurry, I'd rather have the lowest price, just need to make sure I'll have money, I'm already committed to the BLM bulk order.
  4. Anyway to convert .fpd to .eps files? thanks.
  5. Yes of course, I rather like your case, has anyone made rack ears for them? I like most of my stuff to be rackable. I was also thinking to add the TPD, and there may not be room on the SEQ itself if I go with the seperate BLM, but a 19' BLM would have room, maybe add the 4 more AIN controls to it too....But I don't know How do I edit thaet list to put a ? by Case? When we have enough orders I will decide, in the meantime I will play with layouts and mockups to help the decision. Thanks, I appreciate the effort you have made. I have a partially finished 16x4 BLM on veroboard that I started working on years ago, So I can understand the complexity of the design. No I haven't been working on it for years..., Life happened and it got put aside for a while. ;)
  6. A lot of them but Here is one I found again: Should I post here as I come across them ? I hate to cause clutter or work, I just wanted to see what people have been up to since I've been gone. For the most part the Build guides I will need to finish my SEQ and BLM seem to be working, so it's more of an annoyance than a hinderance. Let me say again to the Moderators, thank you for your hard work here!
  7. I've been gone from here a long time (checked in periodically over the years though). I try to look at things in the gallery and still have issues, apologies if you are aware of this still. many things come up blank in thumbnail or show in thumbnail and are blank when enlarged. But overall Great work on the new forum!
  8. Are the mini cores included with the main PCB? Also I just found out I know someone with access to a CO2 laser cutter, so I may reconsider the case, but I definitely want the boards. I have to decide do I want seq and blm in one case or two.
  9. I could be interested in a kit too if you decide to do it, or even just a bulk buy of LED's if that's the expensive part still. Just try to give me a week or two notice before payment would be due....Never much money at the beginning of the month.
  10. I've been gone a long time (Years, sorry) If this is current I'm down for a PCB and CASE. Is the price from the begining of the thread current?
  11. I put one in backwards once and if I hadn't put a label on it to ID it, I would not have noticed.....But the label started smoking and getting a black circle (where the processor die was no doubt). I thought it was dead for sure, but Swapped it around and it booted up.....Not sure if I will trust it though, It's sitting in a box B/C I had extra's and decided to just use a new one to be sure I'd have no problems. Anyway +1 for pics being tough little things...
  12. Worked like a charm! All four pics programmed, installed and working. Got the first sound out of a SID last night, for the MB6582 anyway, my old sid in a box is still working fine, but things have come so far since I started it it never got finished ;) Now for a CS.....and.....So much more work but this has been the biggest hrdle so far and I feel good about making some progress once again.....Maybe in another year or two I will finish it....... Thaks so much!
  13. Thanks, I'll try that. Any Idea what I did wrong to get the wrong device ID on the pic in the first place? When I go to program the other 3 pics, I will use id's 01, 02, and 03, Correct? thanks a bunch!
  14. Well, that doesn't work, it only lets you put in four numbers in each box. here are the screenshots of MIOS studio. Any more Ideas?
  15. I'll try that, and I'll grab a screenshot of the mios studio screen as well. Thanks
  16. Hi all, Trying to finnish my so long in the making mb 6582. Hardware has been done for some time, Got stuck trying to put the bootloader on the PIC18F4685's. Quit for a while, now I have some free time again and am trying to finish. I am trying to use a BK precision 844USB burner that I have at work. It supports the pic in question. I have a known good core module I am testing with. Either I have something wrong in the configuration or the wrong file or who knows what anymore..... Attached is a PDF of the screenshot of my programmers config screen, Can someone look and see if I have the right settings? This is not my first midibox, but in the past I have used pics with the bootloader on them already. I am not wanting to build a new burner b/c I already have acces to this one and funds/time are tight. Again, i know this core works, I have used several 18F452's on it. New info, Last night I tried again and can now see a sysex rewquest coming from the core, but when I try to upload MIOS in MIOS studio, it says error unexpected sysex request, and shows the expected request and it seems the unexpected one just has an extra pair of 00 at the begining? What have I done? Thanks in advance..... Config.pdf
  17. Nice work! That LCD looks ok, I've mounted one that looked worse than that.... Where are you getting The stm32 boards? Last I looked Smash didn't have them? Sorry If I missed an anouncement, my work has kept me away from midibox the past couple months and likely the next few but I try to check up on the topics that I have been following. I ordered some IIC modules to get started on this but they have set in a box since Christmas :( I'll check the WIKI page and see what's up. Keep up the good work!
  18. I remember someone posting these a long time ago. What I don't remember is any midibox, or anything else for that matter, that actually used them. They doo look cool as all get out, but I think they are not so cheap. Motorfaders are likely cheaper.
  19. Because I am......Quite happily.....as long as I don't spend "too much time" back in the lab "ignoring her" ;) Right, I was assuming you didn't have acces to a proper machine shop since you were asking about how to cut the slots. Machine shop access should be a right, not a privilege. :D
  20. Awesome work! I ordered some IIC MIDI boards and PIC's from Smash TV in hopes of playing around with this over my Christmas Holiday. I have two weeks off and one with no Wife (she has to work). Some extra free time in january too. Phil, you must not be married to be making so much progress so quick! I think you will find Front panel construction to be the biggest challenge yet! Especially since you seem to breeze right through coding.
  21. +1 for the jack russel. such wonderful dogs. Major little dog syndrome though (Theyr'e bred for that I think ;) ) My wife has one but we have no fence at our new home and her parents are kind of attached anyway, so it lives there and we have visitation rights.... I play my 6 vintage synths/drum machines......well, Iplay them as much as my non vintage ones anyway, which lately has not been nearly enough.......
  22. I know the feeling. 8) I am going to try and get some cheap LED fixtures for chistmas so I can experiment with this project. Let me know when you update the code. Thanks, AB
  23. Ahh yes, that's correct on RDM. I have been reading, slowly over the last 10 months, a very good book on show control, thought the title and name escape me at the moment. I went back to it last week and decided it has almost enough info to not need to purchase the official DMX spec... and tons of other stuff. I'll edit this post with the title and name when I A) remember it B) long enough to post it.... as for being bitten by the bug, that's why I am trying to finish my other projects first......even though this one would probably be used more often, it seems I am in the church (where I plan to use this device) much more than my own studio anymore. Anyway thanks for sharing your work, I'll try to look it over soon, though I haven't looked at your code I downloaded last week yet..... I have been commisioned by a local church to install a sound system and owe them a proposal next week. Paying gigs always take precedence ;)
  24. I agree, but I have had a programming class and a microproccessor class and even thought it was motorala HC11, I may be blinded by my understanding...
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