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  1. I believe the NG only runs on the 32bit cores, the only one that makes sense now is the STM32F4 based Core. The STM32F4Discovery module is not made but there is a suitable replacement availible AFAIK. Search the forum there is a thread about it.
  2. Let us know what pricing you get from manufacturer directly. If the price were lower I'd be inclined to pick up a few more. I'm currently considering two SEQ builds (one custom, to stay racked in the studio,and one from Wilba panels, to take on the road, with a BLM 16x16+X to share between them) and I've got an MBFM that would look nice with OLED! If price were closer to $15 I'd buy at least 4 or 5. no real preference for color, I've only seen the yellow, don't think id like green, but white would probably be a great choice as I'd imagine you could tint your window and get any color you like :)
  3. I don't need the STM32F4 or core board (I bought 6 STM32F4 modules), but Id be interested int CS+Parts kit if your willing to sell separate.
  4. It Does work. I found a 2 pack of PNY 4 GB class 4 cards at Wal-Mart....I was able to upload MBSEQ HWCONIG file through MIOS studio to the SD card. MIOS studio is acting flakey though, took way too many attempts to recognize my core (Regardless of the SD card being inserted or not), and crashed the core once, making the Green LED next to the user button on the STM32F4Discovery board flash really fast. (no Idea what that indicates). Core still works though.
  5. No worries and the quality is amazing! I've been Midiboxing since about 1999 and I am always impressed with how far things have come! It's never been easier to build a midibox. MAD PROPS to all Involved!
  6. Actually due to the card size issue I havent tested, but I have no doubt it will work, I inspect the solder joints under my stereozoom microscope and they look great! well, at least they look great for my work ;) I will try to test tonight I think I have an old 2GB micro card in an old phone somehwhere, and an adaptor.... Regardless it is the Card socket TK/SMASH TV recomend. looks the same as the one Smash ships with his kits.
  7. I bought the one recomended in the Orderlist on ucapps.de SD-RSMT-2-MQ from Mouser. It is a surface mount part but I had no trouble soldering it onto the Pads of the STM3sF4 core board. My bigger problem is finding a 4 GB SD card...smallest I've found locally is 8GB! no stores have the smaller ones anymore, Guess I'll have to order a pile of them.
  8. Thanks for the Reply TK! Oh well I suppose i can make a little adaptor from a sill header to parallel all the switches to test fast mode.
  9. I figure the answer is probably yes. The explanation: I'm building a prototype SEQ V4 before having custom PCB's made. I want to play with it and decide the ergonomics and panel layout. Mostly I want to decide wether I prefer the Encoder switches to be GP buttons, or to enable fast mode as on Wilba's panel. I currently have the Encoder switches wired per TK's original v3 panel layout as the 16 GP buttons. to change to FAST I would need a seperate HWCONFIG file with the 16 SR inputs all set to FAST function. Also I could in the GP button mode have both the encoder switches and dedicated switches and see which I prefer. Honestly I'd just try it out but I still have some hardware to finish ;) Thanks! EDIT : I do realize it is a wast of SR's but its only for prototyping, the final hardware would be adjusted to paralell the switches for FAST mode if that's the way I go.
  10. arumblack

    SEQ V4 Progress

    Some progress to report. Needed to get new ribbon cables for the new Core. One would think crimping ribbons is a trivial task but I managed to mess up two. first one I made worked fine. next two no good (one somehow had a dead short). Finally got that sorted. Then out to the drill press to recess the angle aluminum I had the LCD's mounted to, so they didn't end up way above the buttons. No problems. Then to finish wiring up the encoders, which I started years ago, and had all the switches and 4 encoders wired. Again no problems....well they haven't been tested yet....I'm panel mounting the encoders so I've just Soldered directly to the pins and heat shrinked over them (remember to slip the shrink tube on before soldering). Some pictures, Else it didn't happen ;)
  11. would these do it for you? http://www.molex.com/molex/products/family?key=cgrid_iii&channel=products&chanName=family&pageTitle=Introduction Specifically this one: http://www.molex.com/webdocs/datasheets/pdf/en-us/0901230103_CRIMP_HOUSINGS.pdf Not sure if you need the specific crimp tool or a generic one works, if someone knows speak up. I just soldered on to my bourns encoder pins for my SEQ prototype and slipped heatshrink on (before soldering) In fat I was finishing them up last night. I'll post a pic later after I mount them.
  12. I'd like a CS board, maybe we can split a pair if they ever come available again....
  13. What do you mean by Seqv4 Kit? The cs board and parts kit from Smash TV's shop? Thanks.
  14. JUST FYI I have decided that I will purchase your case. I'm going to have a 4x8 BLM in the seqv4 chassis, I am assuming the two can coexist just fine? Also I'm in no hurry if say getting to 25 or 30 cases drops the price a bit more than 20 ;)
  15. its got 16 voices, and 16 channels, is each voice monophonic or can you sacrifice channels for polyphony? Is there somewher to download some patches to play with? I don't have access to a midi controller for a couple days and using MIOS studio to try to edit patches works but isnt great.....Guess I could make a controller in ableton live or FL studio....
  16. Had a few minutes extra today, and a few spare STM32F4 Discovery modules, so I uploaded the MIOS GOOM port and had a muck around with it. I was wondering if anyone has stuck this thing on a MIOS32 core module and made a control surface for it yet? Is there a tested and true config yet? I havent poked into the code yet, and I'm not much of a coder myself but I can hack through it, just didn't want to reinvent the wheel. And thanks for the work on this thing! pretty Pretty cool to get a 16 voice multitimbral Hardware synth for 15 bucks...
  17. arumblack

    Finishing MBSEQ

    So many years ago I started an MBSEQv3. Life happened, moved a couple times, it sat on a shelf unfinished. So now I begin to upgrade it to v4 and finish it off. below are some pics of it after pulling it off the shelf: The case is an old rackmount Altec Lansing Mixer, I will have a new panel laser cut from acrylic You can see the 4x16 BLM's i started, one is finished the other I forgot to stuff diodes.....(they were made months apart) DOH! board on the right with the cutout in the middle is the transport section, a large jog wheel will go with the encoder shaft through the cutout. above it you can see the old MIOS8 Core. not shown are the DIN's and DOUT's. I've got a NEW MIOS32 core(STM32F4) built and testing now. Looks like the pinning of the LCD is different now so a little work there. I'll finish the Veroboard mockups to see how I like the handling and layout before commiting to having some PCB's made. I've thought about using the WILBA panel but I really want a custom solution and love the look of the SCHADOW switches I have. I have a large quantity of them but they are pulls, I hope reliability doesnt bite me in the end though they are extremely long life switches. The caps are the type that I can print my own labels and put under the clear cap. There will be a bit of free panel space and some room in the case, I am debating what to do with it. Integrate a SID, FM, or GOOM Synth? Some dedicated MBNG controls (from a second Core) Maybe some eurorack rails will fit? Just thought of that will have to see if theres enough room? I'm open to suggestions. I like the case, it fits nicely in an empty rack space I have, and is about the size of my yamaha RS7000, but will have more controls I think. I like controls.... ;) Let me know what Ideas you might have for the extra space !
  18. Agreed. A lot of Eurorack folks are big into DIY, I have no problem drilling holes..... Panel can stay the same, leave a header on the back and the DB 25 on the front. now you have both options. Works for me.
  19. Well I dug the displays out and they were bigger than I remembered so I won't be able to fit four across a 19" case...so I'll be going 4x20 OLED instead. I'll use these in another project., perhaps my MB6582 with custom CS.
  20. I'm in no hurry, I have displays but these look fantastic, so if we can get a good deal I'm in for an upgrade.
  21. Figured it would be something like that. Thanks for the pointers!
  22. Would it be possible to use 4X 2x20 LCD display instead of 2X 2x40 on a MBSEQ V4? I have a small supply of really nice VFD's but they are 2X20 character HD44780 compatible. Thanks!
  23. I doubt the PIC or no buttons would work, the input to the pic is just a serial datastream from shift registers, so if some work all should work regarding the PIC. So I'd check shift registers, are the non working buttons all on the same chip? or all at the end of the chain? answering these questions will point towards the fault.
  24. I went a head and installed the FPD software and did it myself, but thanks. I'm sure someone else will find them useful.
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