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  1. Sometimes we don't even finish the first one before starting more......Although, my SID does work so I'm not really talking about myself.......;)
  2. Nice! I particularly liked track 7,8,9,13,and 15. My wife says"That sounds like video game music" And I said, Uh, yeah.... and she said"Do we have to listen to video game music right now?" and so I put on Deutschland Muss Sterben and she was quiet...... Care to post a list of synths/gear used on the album? Thanks, AB
  3. I've got 4 of these. They work fine once you get the pinning right ;) Can't beat the price, though I really wanted negative red on black ones.
  4. Hmm, finally something to do with those old SCSI disk tray's I've had lying around......Although, I really can't see a need to have a SID inside My massive tower anyway......... Definitely a cool thought though...If anyone is interested in some really nice HD Trays, let me know, I like to swap. ;) AB
  5. I am using the same switch and some different button caps, and some with two leds for the BLM. Havent got them functional yet but I like the feel just pressing on them. AB
  6. Well, all the other CS stuff and LCD, etc... are powered from the 5V supply, so there should be no more load on the -12V line in a box with all the bells and whistles. That still leaves potential switching noise and Imbalance problems of course. AB
  7. Thanks Madox. I was just trying to give a proof of concept using whatever I had lying around, didn't bother with the math. When I have a board in hand then I can give better instructions, or maybe sinesurfer can figure it out himself with the info given. Sorry if this has hijacked the thread.... AB
  8. Sine surfer: I went home and tried this (see attachment), and it gave me a bipolar voltage at the wiper of the pot.Now the extra resistors were to scale the voltage to fit the pot I had and it didn't go to quite +/- 100mV, igot around +/_350mv with a 100K pot and 2.2M resistors, using a +/- 15V supply. anyway, if you do some experimentation you should be able to get the voltage needed. I would add some trimpots too because the voltage wasn't "centered" Right due to the tolerance of the components. Oh, and a linear taper pot is what you would want. The load resistor would be your SSM filter CV input. Now I'm not the most experienced guy here, so does anyone see something wrong with this method?
  9. of course I did not design this board so I can't say for sure. I did just notice on the Wiki page (link at the first post of this thread) that the "CV" is not a standard V/Octave, and an additional circuit is required for this to work properly. So to use external CV you would need this extra circuit. to just have some pots you would need to give an input of -100mV to +100mV for the frequency CV. some additional circuitry will probably be needed here as well, but it should be doable. Seppoman, can you comment on this? Edit: Fixed quote.
  10. You would have to have CV, but it may not be an external CV. You would need some pots for cutoff and resonance, maybe some resistors to scale the voltage. With CV and MIDI control I suggest a core running mmidibox cv and an aout of your choice. Correct me if I'm wrong...
  11. I printed out the midi spec from that site long ago, when I could only find it by paying money anywhere else.....Sad to see it go. Hopefully it can be saved.
  12. I have to chime in on this too, I've been watching the progress of the dubmaster and I say you have done a great job so far. You even have the girlfriend who helps that we all wish we had....(I am however grateful for the wife I have who Tolerates my hours of work on various electronic music related projects, and hey, I did get her to bend some leads for me once :)) I had a three year absence from midibox, with a still half finished SID, and now I've started the SEQ. You owe it to yourself to finish the box, it really is beautiful. Take a break if need be, but come back to it.
  13. How long will these be availible? I'd like them for my MBFM and SIDV2, but I really don't even have the mooney for the SSM filter parts I am getting....Would like to get some of these in a few months though.
  14. App uploaded and LCD's corrected. I just swapped the enable lines. now my pretty ribbon cable is all hacked but but what the hey. BTW, MIOS STUDIO is totally freakin awesome! Boy things have come a long way since I built my SID V1... Thanks to all for all the great work going on here.
  15. Another thread? Why not? Won't get to see it until tomorrow though.
  16. Does open office have a Visio like program? Ithought it was just a word/excel/access/powerpoint clone? Will have to check out that wings 3d. Already checking into KiCAD. Got anymore free Gems out there? It's hard to believe the free software that people just don't know about. there really is no reason for piracy at all (except laziness and "Everybody else uses it", wich are not valid IMO). Sorry to digress from the topic.
  17. I have a Real Hakko 936 (Non ESD) at work and the cord to the iron is a bit more flexible. Heat up times for both are generally under a minute. Never really timed it, I turn it on, go wet my sponge, stuff a few components and it's ready to go. I agree that the Digital display is pretty gimmicky at this price point. I really have no regrets.It is way better than anything I ever got at radio shack.... Allthough, if someone wants to give me a nice Pace or Metcal unit, I wouldn't say no.
  18. The heater may have gone out. Not sure what it should ohm but if you test it and it is open or short it's probably bad. The Elements on the Laminators I have to work on are usually around 10 Ohms, not sure if that would be anywhere near the rating of your weller though. Not sure about where or if parts are availible for that Iron either, but I would assume they were at one time.
  19. I use a hakko Clone Kinda like Stryd's. Got it here http://www.mpja.com/productsdirect.asp?dept=480&main=79&item1=15860+TL&item2=15845+TL&item3=15140+TL&item4=15141+TL It's the anlaog one for 39.99( 3rd section down the page). Came with a spare heater cartridge. the site says it is 40w, not 60 though. Works every bit as good as the hakko I have at work, and uses the same tips and parts.
  20. Viso is not just for flowcharts....You can do all kinds of things such as schematics and room layouts, the Pro version has lots of this, not sure about the standard version though. I have it at work and it is good for some things and if you can do MS's VBA you can make it do some amazing things (Which I admit, I am not so good at). However, it is not my prefered tool. though you could use it for front panels it has powerful Arrying features and you can make custom libraries (Called Stencils). Recently I have been using Google Sketchup (not for midibox, but you could I suppose). You would probably have to make a lot of components yourself but there is a large library on the web and anything you make can be used as a component in another Drawing. Sketchup is 3D and does dimensioning for you. It is really easy to learn and quick and powerful. Now you won't get any cnc files out out of it or anything (the not free pro version may have some other options) but I find it great for "Will this fit" scenarios.
  21. OK, LCD problems all sorted out, all wiring problems. the first set had every pair of wires swapped somehow? I guess my IDC headers didn't do what I expected them to do.....And I know I checked them with my multimeter. It was late though.... The second LCd I wired up just to test had two pins swapped. The contrast pot still has no range but no big deal. Now I will load the App. Mios Studio anyone? BTW, Is there an easy way to switch which display is one and two? It seems I have 1 on the right and 2 on the left. Just swap the enable line? I have already cut it in the ribbon cable, but I did leave enough to resolder in case of mistake. but is it possible to redefine in the software? Thanks all, I promise, no more bad wiring (Yeah Right ;) )
  22. Ok, having looked at the photos of TK's Seq, he is not using the core reulator and has a larger power supply, so I think maybe that is the problem. I have a big honking condor supply with something like 10Amps a +5V and 3amps +15V/-15V. was going to use it for a modular synth rack, it would take up a good 3U by itself. but I could use it for test purposes. This weekend was a total wash as far as any projects. Did take a nice trip to Penn State University for their Art Fest (Wife loves art) It was fun and good exercise. Anyway, I think I will make sure my power is good and work out from there. Can anyone confirm the ratings of the Power Supply that works in thier SEQ? Thanks
  23. Hey all, Anyone using anything other than Eagle for thier PCB's? I like Eagle, but the board size limitation makes it unusable for making control panel PCB's. I have forund KiCAD and Free PCB, which appear to have an unlimited size/pin count. Anyone tried these? I know Stryd_One is using KiCAD. I have installed it and looked at some of the demo files. It looks very capable but I also am not wanting to learn a new interface. Anyway If you have used these post your thoughts here please.
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