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Found 9 results

  1. I've encountered some behavior with the CV out of which I'm not certain if it's meant to be like that or not. Whenever I mute a channel outputting voltages on a CV output, the voltage stays on the last outputted voltage. When pitching a VCO this is not a big of a deal, because the gate is also muted, and so I can not hear the pitch. But if I use the CV outputs to drive other parameters (I use the CV out like an envelope of sorts) the outputs stays high. This is of course of influence on parameters that I'm driving. Some modules use the potentiometer as an offset for incoming voltage on their respective CV in. But with a voltage on the input I can not turn the control fully down. Am I missing a setting regarding CV outs, or is there a workaround to this behavior? Or is there something wrong with my setup? I would like to have a default voltage of 0V whenever a track is muted. Is this possible? Any pointers appreciated!
  2. Hi all, To make a long story short: I bought my mbseq second hand from someone who had it build for him. It was a basic version, with the wilba frontpanel. Fast forward a little over a year, and her I find myself soldering and designing. The mbseq turned out to be a gateway drug in the diy world of synthesis and electronic music. Thanks for that! :) Consider me a newb. But I've run into uncertainty on how to continue. I added the aout-ng module and the d-out module to my seq. They work as aspected, steady and all. i've even designed my own breakoutinterfaces to make it fit in the eurorack format with corresponding LED's to show the activity. It rocks. What I would like to know is, if it is possible to send only LFO's, or even envelopes over the CV outs? Doesn't matter if it costs me a track. I would like to use the tracks as more than pitch/note-converters and also send velocity or envelopes (AD, or ADSR) I've found the midi-CV project which states the sending of an env. or two LFO's. But I'm not sure how this translates to the seq. Running the latest firmware. Looking forward, and thanks!
  3. Hi Midiboxers, Line driver breakout CV /gates finished i used AOUT and a tweeked DOUTx4 and of course the line driver receiver! DOUTx4 is stuffed with regular 220 ohm resistors for leds indicators and UDN2981 for gate booster. UDN 2981 are directly linked at the outputs of 74hc595 (before the 220ohm resistors) . the gates assigned to CV have two UDN 2981 (input in parallel) one is powered by 5V (eurorack 5V gates) and go to minijacks and the second is powered by 12V and go to 1/4jacks (oldschool 12V modular gates) same for the extra drum triggers gates: 8 are in 12V and the last 8 are in 5V... need 1k resistor at each outputs of UDN for ground short protection !!!! 3 PSU inside: 12V for 12V gates, 5V one for the 5V gates /line driver receiver/DOUT/AOUT and bipolar 12V for AOUT. the 5V line from the seq is cut on the receiver. i could have used the same 12V from bipolar but a dedicated 12v make sense cause wanted the AOUT "stability" as usual i've got a bug : the CV 1 and 2 have the same problem: at calibration voltage are divided by 2... don't know why...not the ICs , no shorts, ( problem on the 2 first channel!) all other 6 channel working properly. the calibration "max" voltage is 4V on this two channel is it possible to be a log error? i build AOUT because i've got max525 in stock... is someone use this config and could confirm that line driver work with AOUT?
  4. I would like to use my ±15V PSU with my MIDIBox CV, at least for testing purposes. Can I use a 7812 and a 7912 based circuit like in the picture below or is this a bad idea?
  5. Hi, My name is Ruben (from holland) and i'm completely new to the forum. I've just finished my first midibox seq v4 with wilba's panel. So far it's all working. But I'd really like to use 8xCV and 8xGATE. I have built my unit using te LPC17 and the AOUT_NG and as i understand it, i also need the DOUT for the gates. questions: 1) is this the schematic i want for setting up the 8 gates? http://ucapps.de/mbhp/mbhp_doutx1.pdf Or can i wire the gates somehow directly to the core board? 2) i also need some help under standing what i need to change in MBSEQ_HW.V4, could somebody tell me exactly what needs to be in the part copied under here, to get 8 cv' and 8 gates working? the AOUT_NG page states the following: "First edit the config file on the SD Card to use the AOUT_NG (i.e. #define AOUT_INTERFACE_TYPE 3) and save it !" But if there's a hashtag before define then the whole line is commented out right? so should i strip the #define? if so, then why is it there? This is the CV part copied from the .V4 file, could someone help me? Cheers, Ruben ################################################## # CV and Gate/Trigger/Sync Setup ################################################## # AOUT interface now selected in CV Configuration Menu and stored in MBSEQ_CV.V4 file # please scroll through the menu to find this page! # the 8 CV gates can be assigned to a shift register (0=off, 1-32: number of shift register): # - 1st CV Gate available at DOUT SR output D7 # - 2nd CV Gate available at DOUT SR output D6 # - 3rd CV Gate available at DOUT SR output D5 # - ... # - 8th CV Gate available at DOUT SR output D0 CV_GATE_SR1 0 # and DIN Clock Outputs can be assigned to a shift register as well (0=off, 1-32: number of shift register): # D7..D0 will output individual clock or start/stop signals which can be configured in the CV configuration page CLK_SR 0 # additional gate triggers are available on common digital output pins of the # DOUT shift register chain - they are assigned to AOUT channel #16 (Note C-1, C#1, D-1, ...) # define the shift registers which should be used here (each provides 8 gates) # Note that SRs assigned to this function cannot be used as LED outputs (exclusive function) # Allowed values: 1-32, 0 disables the function, all other values invalid and not allowed DOUT_GATE_SR1 0 DOUT_GATE_SR2 0 DOUT_GATE_SR3 0 DOUT_GATE_SR4 0 DOUT_GATE_SR5 0 DOUT_GATE_SR6 0 DOUT_GATE_SR7 0 DOUT_GATE_SR8 0 # if set to 1, the DOUT "gates" will send 1mS pulses # useful for analog drums DOUT_1MS_TRIGGER 0 # should J5A/B/C outputs be enabled (0: no, 1: yes, 2: yes, but in open drain mode)? # - the 6 first AOUT gates will be forwarded to J5A/B # - the remaining last 2 AOUT gates are available at J5C.A10 and J5C.A11 (LPC17: J28.WS and J28.MCLK) # - DIN sync clock will be forwarded to J5C:A0 (LPC17: J28.SDA) # - DIN sync start/stop will be forwarded to J5C:A1 (LPC17: J28.SC) # - if open drain mode enabled (option 2), external pull-ups have to be connected to J5 pins # (advantage: pin levels can be pulled to 5V) # # NEVER USE THIS TOGETHER WITH ANALOG POTS - IT WILL CAUSE A SHORT CIRCUIT! J5_ENABLED 1
  6. Heyo! After lots of thinking, I've decided to build a SEQ to become the navigation system for my spaceship. I've become hopelessly addicted to modular, and am curious if someone who use's their SEQ in a similar capacity could comment. Question one, whats the max output of analog info? 8 cv, trigger, and gate? Is more possible? Question two, can the SEQ interpret incoming cv? For instance, can I clock the SEQ from a simple trig out of my modular? Thanks much for the help!
  7. From the album: a

    Totally voided my warranty for my Maschine MK2 and installed a small CV interface. Why? - I wanted to integrate Maschine with my analog stuff without having to run Maschine's MIDI through an external MIDI-CV converter first. The gates and CVs now feel like a direct extension of Maschine's possibilities. - 8 gate outputs (5V) - 2 CV outputs (NOT 1V/oct but 0-5V) So how does this work together with Maschine hard/software? SIMPLE: - I assign a MIDI out module to a sound (channel 1) - I go to keyboard mode on that sound and play pads 1-8. The gates correspond to those 8 pads. Done. Velocity CVs are available for pads 1 and 2. DETAILS: - The interface is a Midibox CV with one AOUT_LC module. I was surprised how much space there is available under the Maschine PCB. I could fit some other toys there, and I think the next step will be an additional 1V/oct CV interface from midimplant.com. - I've assigned the gates to MIDI notes C3, C#3,...G3 and the CVs to velocity of the first two gates. I am using gates and not triggers because you can do some great on/off sequencing stuff with them, e.g. opening/closing a filter etc. - If I want to use the CV outputs for smooth progressions, I record the respective pad with note repeat active (the highest note repeat resolution is 1/64th which works quite well for the CVs since the interface itself has a built-in slew rate that I set to 8 ms). - Technically, the CV outputs run at about 0.48 V/octave if you will, and they have a precision of 8 bit. They are meant for percussive sequencing and not playing melodies, so I'm good! The background is that the interface runs solely from Maschine's USB power (5V) anyway and I omitted the AOUT_LCs op-amp scaling and offset circuit.

    © 2013 disgustingpie

  8. I would looooove to buy your MIDIBox cv. I have some MIDIBox parts laying around and might try my hand at it this summer, but I would love love love to buy one prebuilt! I'm also having trouble finding information on it. It doesn't seem to have the vast amount of documentation the the MBSIDv2 has. anyone have some good links, or maybe a build journal or something? - Will f w blackburn at gmail dot com OR PM me!
  9. [ S O L D ] Hi there! In 2007 I did a bulk-order for ALPS Motorfaders and bought some circuit boards and other parts to build two MidiBox LC (6 Ch and 20Ch). For more than 5 years I didn't get to build those Boxes, now I have a lot of spare parts lying around that I'd like to get rid of. I'm keeping some parts, just in case and sell those other parts: PUSH-Encoder ALPS EC11E15244BY - à 0,90 € Motorfader ALPS RSAON (10k) - à 15,- € Each incl: 1x plastic cap AND 1x silver touch cap! MBHP_MF (R2) Modules - à 5,- € Core (R4D)Modules - à 5,- € DINx4 (R5) Modules - à 5,- € DOUTx4 (R5) Modules - à 5,- € AINx4 (R4) Modules - à 5,- € GM5 MIDI Interfaces with GM5 Chip - à 5,- € MidiBox CV KIT incl. ICs - 30,- € Each kit incl: 1x PIC 18F452-I/P and 2x MAX 525 BCPP If you're interrested, drop me an email at midibox@phinemedia.de Payments via bank transfer or paypal ( +1,9% +0,35 € ). Shipping will be from germany. I'd be happy to help you out! Best regards, Paul
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