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  1. cosmosuave - Boom Chuck SEQV4rmix 126 BPM live hardware techno track recorded straight from the mixer no edits no post... This is the first track made with the MIDIbox SEQV4 which is an amazing sequencer... I am looking froward to making more tracks with it as I have barely scratched the surface on what it can do...    
  2. New Seq V4 Project incl. 16x4 BLM

    Hi to all   I am planning a sequencer to control both my normal synths and my analog modular system.   Now that I've read some tons of documentation I wanted to ask for help, cause maybe I overlooked something or had other stuff not in mind   first to my normal workflow : I work live and looped-based .. for me these are the two most important features ... none of my songs has several patterns or even a song arrangement ... everything goes via the tracks mute / unmute .. and of course I want my panel to be optimized for that   If you look at the front panel attached I came up with the following stuff: It should be based on MBHP_CORE_STM32F4DISCOVER  2 Midi IO Modules to get 4 Midi IN and OUT  1 Quad IIC Midi Module for another 4 Midi Outs at least one .. maybe two AOUT_NG Module for up to 16 CV (powered by an external power source +12/-12/5) and a lot of DIN and DOUT (still have to calculate those)   Question: how I take care of actually STM32F4DISCOVERY with current ?? Is this only via USB ??  The AOUT is powered by an external +12 / 12V / 5V PSU, can I connect the Board to that?? .. I read somewhere tet the STM32F4 is powered from 7V ??   the 16x4 BLM documentary says that I should use LEDs DUOCOLOR (so  need three DOUT modules for the cathode and two anodes) ...  Question: do I need dual-color LEDs at the GP LEDs too?? or is that obsolte then ??  Question 2: the documentary says I only need 2 more Shift Register for the button matrix ... how do I connect them ??    Gate Question: I need 5V Gates, so I should pass the gates through some 74HC541 .. I have seen a connection diagram somewhere but can't find it anymore :(   Below you can see the panel layout ...  Question: Do I still need the track button-row 1-4 or is thiat obsolete if I use the 16x4 BLM Matrix??    Suggestions welcome.    love and light from Belgium, Sascha
  3. SeqV4 Lite Remote

    From the album SeqV4 Lite Remote

    Adaptation of SeqV4 Lite to run 8 tracks and be controlled via MIDI IN by a common midi controller.
  4. Midibox Seq4 - UI

    Hi everybody, I build a working prototype of the SeqV3 (with a PIC) some time ago. Now I attached a LPC to it and decided that I want to build a new sequencer with a different user interface. The basic idea is to have 64 step buttons directly available for step programming because most of the time I program beats that are longer then 16 steps. There is a very rough sketch attached: [1] 64 step buttons with leds -> 64 steps direct accessable [2] row selection buttons with leds -> select the row that is shown in the display and can be modyfied with the encoders [3] shift button -> selects second parameter for the 64 step buttons (Mixer, Event, Edit, Trigger Layer,... ) [4] navigation Let me give an example how I would imagine the workflow to show the detailed functions of the UI elements. I am in step programming mode. The pattern is four bars long and 16th notes are selected so I can program 64 16th notes (four bars) via the buttons. So the instead of showing four tracks with 16 16th notes each - like on the 4x16 Button/LED matrix the sequencial light (Lauflicht) would go through each row like shown in the picture (red arrow). Now I would program a track. I can program all the 64 steps of our 4 bar pattern via the step programming buttons [1]. Let's say I want to change some parameters of step 32. Therefore I have to select the second row via the row selection buttons on the left [2]. This button will light up to indicate the selected row. Now all the parameters of the second row and therefore the second bar will be shown in the display. The parameters can be change now via the encoders above the display. Next I would like to open the mixer page. So I press and hold the shift-button in the upper left corner [3]. All of the 64 step buttons can have a second function witch are available when shift is pressed. So I press the assign button for the mixer page. The display could also show the assigned second functions if the shift button is pressed but since we only have to rows in the display only two of the four rows could be shown. Can you guys give me some input, if this concept would be realizable with the Seq4 Software without changing to much? Moreover the DIN/DOUT pin assignment would be probably different from the Seq4 but as far a I understood it is no problem to change that in the software. Would be realy nice to get some feedback. Best, braintu