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Standalone core32 SID player


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/* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* ,dPYb, 8I *
* IP'`Yb 8I *
* gg I8 8I gg 8I *
* "" I8 8' 8) "" 8I *
* ,ggg,,ggg, gg I8 dP ,g, dP ,g, gg ,gggg,8I *
* ,8" "8P" "8, 88 I8dP ,8'8, ,8'8, 88 dP" "Y8I *
* I8 8I 8I 88 I8P ,8' Yb ,8' Yb 88 i8' ,8I *
* ,dP 8I Yb,_,88,_,d8b,_ ,8'_ 8) ,8'_ 8) _,88,_,d8, ,d8b, *
* 8P' 8I `Y88P""Y88P'"Y88P' "YY8P8P P' "YY8P8P8P""Y8P"Y8888P"`Y8 *
* *
* n I L S ' S I D E M U L A T I O N *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * */[/code] After kinda forgetting about it, I stumbled across the SID-Player I wrote to test the SID-emulation on the core32 a while back. It's called [b]nEMU[/b] and all it needs is a core32 module. :frantics: Simply upload the app to the core32, point ASID XP or [i]$your_fav_sid_player[/i] its way and off you go. The stm32's internal DAC provides the audio out of the 2 emulated SID chips on J16:SC and J16:RC1. The application responds to a few CCs:
[code]CC#7 Master volume
CC#8 Delay tap, left channel
CC#9 Delay tap, right channel
CC#12 Resonance bandwidth for RES_SVF
CC#13 Cutoff control for RES_SVF
CC#14 Select filter type (0, 1, 2)
CC#15 Filter dis/enable (0 or 1)
CC#127 Resets the application

This is in no way a good or authentic emulation. This is just a toy :thumbsup:

Here's some sample songs with me fiddling with the filter settings:



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Great that you finally published the application! :)

I looked into the source code, but all those strange instructions are looking like hieroglyphics to me.

But I'm willing to learn!

Please advise me where and how I have to change the code for following features:

  • synchronizing the sample output to the word clock of my sampler (96 kHz)
  • optionally writing the sample output to a SD Card. Please encode into MP3 format, because I've a 64MB card from my old photo camera which would be sufficient for my fav SIDs (I don't want to buy a new one)
  • adding some Fx like convolution based reverb and multiband compressor
  • integrated .sid file editor anyone?

It would be nice if you could help me to realize this in the next days, because I decided to make this as my study project!

/edit: I haven't ordered my Core32 from SmashTV yet, could I also use the 4xCore8s of my MB6582?

A friend told me that the cores are communicating via CAN, so that it should be possible to share the job between the CPUs?

/edit2: how can I playback NES sounds with this app?

/edit3: MIOS Studio doesn't allow me to upload the .hex file into a PIC, but I found out that this can be done by using the old MIOS Studio with feedback disabled

/edit4: my PIC doesn't boot anymore, and Smash hasn't answered yet!

Please help!

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"How to NOOB"
i don't know why but i feel targeted :wacko: oups

Btw i tested this really amazing app ! this is really cool !!! but is there a trick to reduce the high frequency noise ? (I have my idea, but i prefer to shut my mouth before saying s**t)

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The high pitched noise comes from the internal DAC and from going through the datasheet with Smash quite extensively it looks likes there's not much we can do about it. Using the internal DAC for audio is a bit of a rape anyways, and using an external audio DAC fixes that issue. This version of the player is really just meant to be a fun little gadget, so the noise is something you have to live with if you want to get sound out of the core32 module without any added parts :)

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Ich hau mich weg! I just laughed so hard, I woke the missus up :thumbsup:

Google translate returns:

"I'll beat me off"


This is worst than the time i googled the german word TK posted for that penis size comparison activity that ye sick german's do!!! Edit: + Exclamation Mark!

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