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SmashTV - ordering question

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Hey all


I order MF_NG and a PIC from Smash TV 10 days ago, I read about possible delay, no problem at all

I'm just wondering if it's normal I don't receive any confirmation email about my order ?




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As ilmenator said - all is good! It can sometimes take a little bit, as Tim is preparing and shipping lots and lots of packages....

You can also take a look at http://www.midibox-shop.com/status.html , which shows which orders are being processed (but that page may also take a few days to get updated).


Many greets,


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I ordered from him a week ago and sent an email with it. Haven't gotten a reply. I guess I should expect that. 


What has me worried though is that he hasn't updated his status page for a month. ...or a year and a month, since it has only month names mentioned.  :sad:

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