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MIDIble of the week: Ambika + MBNG synth by ilmenator

latigid on

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I was going to wait until the MIDIbox NG part of this was a little more mature, but you already spotted this over at the MI forum... So, this is a dedicated user interface / controller for the Mutabel Instruments Ambika analog synth, housed in a recycled synth case from the early 90's. The black PCBs are the six voice cards of the Ambika.

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Custom mainboard holds the usual stuff plus a complete DIO_MATRIX for keyboard scanning and parts of an AINSER64 (MCP3208 and the 595). From there, MUXA...MUXC as well as CH0...CH7 signals go to the frontpanel. MIDI I/Os are also on the mainboard.

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Hey @latigid on

looks nice in those little preview pics at mutable. Could you please upload larger versions here?

Maybe i've to switch my project, which is similar to yours, to a hardware synth as my idea using a VSTi as synth engine may not possible due to incomplete MIDI implementations of various VSTi's.



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