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  1. OK, not an answer.... I was considering ordering the very same Iron or the slightly more expensive one with digital readout. (they were backordered, and I needed my other stuff so I cancelled). I too would like to know some thoughts on these.
  2. anyone having troubles staying logged in? I set login time to forever, but every time I come back I have to login again... I have made no changes to my browser settings(so the cookie should still be there).
  3. sweet! especially like the rantings in the "thought's tips rambles" section...I have had some of the same thoughts myself( especially the tv shows, and hifi ones). keep up the good work!
  4. Forum is so much faster! mp3's about 50k...not so good, but this is my school network and it's busy now... forgot, I am in the usa, near dc.
  5. It's still far cheaper and better than a SIDSTATION! I really couldn't say how much I've got in mine, and it's not finnished. I started oct 2003....(that's when i decided to definitely build it) in the mean time i decided to go to school and study electronics(I always found it interesting, had some little project labs when i was younger, but the sid did inspire me more). The best thing about theese projects (for me) is that you can build a module at a time, spreading out the cost. of course it is easy to lose track of total cost this way, I don't really care anymore. build one core and one sid, listen to it, be inspired. Add the basic controls, love it more. order the rest of your parts and try to get life to leave you alone so you can finnish the darned thing! one day I will finnish. AB
  6. and 2 row IDC's are so easy, just ribbon cable and a vise, bang done 30 seconds!
  7. good links, especially that pdf..... Thanks!
  8. Awesome, thanks. Will try this soon!
  9. ok, this is true. But do you agree with the guidelines for track widths? I had not come across any anywhere else yet, and thought that was a useful item in the article.
  10. found this site with some good basic info, thought it might be useful to others. http://www.expresspcb.com/ExpressPCBHtm/Tips.htm enjoy.
  11. Should be fairly easy. to be sure you could get the manual from akai's website and check the midi implementation of the unit.
  12. @Duggle: I agree, Since we are assuming the worst case, the person knows very little or nothing about electronics. If going to this level of detail, I suggest also an explanation of the Bridge rectifier, and what is happening in the various stages. Perhaps you intended to do this anyway, Smash....Overall the page looks good
  13. Right, problem is the trace is covered by solder mask. Can I just scrape it off ? I would fear that would damage the trace underneath, and I'd be no better off than before. thanks, AB
  14. I wouldn't bother with the 16f code, as almost all the projects have been ported to 18f, and no new 16f ones are planned.The 18f MIOS setup is easier to work with anyway. just my.02....
  15. I was trying to fix a broken output jack on my korg dw-8000 and during the removal of the old jack, one of the pads lifted from the pcb. How can i safely remove the solder mask so i can solder to the trace ( the jack is not working without the pad...)? Anyone know an answer?
  16. Very Impressive! what sort of fancy paint job do you plan to give it?
  17. I'm sorry, I seem to have misunderstood the question.... :-/
  18. You can buy motorfaders with an audio track and control track, so you could use it as a mixer, but I think they are very expensive.
  19. How many core's and sids would be the max to be powered by the sid optimized psu?I want to power 8 sid's and 8 cores, 2 quad sids. would this be possible. how a bout 2 minimal control surfaces too? or would the backlights use too much current? Thanks much in advance!
  20. That's right, low rpm's and the blade has no teeth, just some ridges, and diamond....I think also that tin snips worked ok too, but only on small pieces, and not nearly as neat.
  21. I cut mine on a tile cutter....( a table saw sort of device with a diamond blade) but I don't know how bad that is for the tile cutter......
  22. None taken. this country spends way too much on some things. but really the millitary pays 25 dollars for those 15 dollar trimmers, on paper anyway.the extra 10 goes for "black ops"..... just like the 10,000 dollar toilet seats, and 200 dollar allen wrenches........etc. I think I will use the 25 turn ones. bout a dime cheaper anyway.........
  23. Thanks, those are among the options I came up with this morningafter checking the spacing on the eagle .brd file and checking my mouser catalog. I was going to use the 25 turn ones for greater precision. I should not need to be adjusting them a lot should I? They just fine tune the voltage  of the cv out right? thanks for the help, I really didn't expect all that, but it's good to know that I am capable of selecting a part that will fit! Thanks again, AB p.s., they did have murata's, but not the ones in the 500 ohm thru hole package, and cheap..... really now, how much better is the 15 dollar trimmer than the 2.5 dollar one?
  24. Well, that is how most of us learned and still do. And I don't consider myself a big cheese around here. The sid is the only project I have worked on so far. As it seems to be one of the more popular ones I thought it would be good to do a "pretty much complete guide". No tutorial could possibly contain everything or answer all questions. The forum is still the most valuable resource. But I figured it could be handy to have , all in one file, all the documentation, diagrams , and instructionsFor how to build the certain projects. Especially for ppl like me who don't have internet acces at home. I don't think anyone could write the definitive guide to building a case for your project, That could be a book to itself, and I don't have time to write a book. Of course this could take some amount of time, so my advice for now would be to thouroghly explore ucapps.de. Everything is there, ppl just miss things alot. We are always glad to answer questions here ;) AB
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