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Antix Midibox FM


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Finally I received the plexiglass window so my MBFM is really completed.

I want give thanks to TK who shared the results of his great work with us...to SmashTV with his

"speedoflight" shipping and Wilba with his effort in chips finding ( and shipping ).

A special thank go to Flemming for his psicological support to me during the

parts and materials waiting ( that for us seems always too long ).



post-5216-067162800 1305746849_thumb.jpg

post-5216-090146000 1305746860_thumb.jpg

post-5216-042451800 1305746877_thumb.jpg

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Thanks guys

How did you do the lettering? Is it red acrylic/metal with a black silk screen?

Yes acrylic paint on metal then silk screen for lettering

Gotta love the "arrest me red" paint job

Yes... :D effectively the paint color name is " SIGNAL RED "

About the sound... I will try to port on it the sounds of my TX81Z and will share on the forum

but I have to fight against " little time on evening " monster :bug:


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Hi TK,

Thanks for your appreciating ... it makes me very happy :smile:

and I was really excited to see my MBFM in the blog

About the choice of desktop or rack version I think the second offers more space

in fact, as I planned a second MBFM with SSM2044 filters I will use a 19" rack case

Best regards


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