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SEQ4 Heidenreich Case Bulk 2014 / 2015


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What are the "real" measurements?


I discussed it in detail here - 




134.8mm dimension in the visible y-axis


(It is the y that is the hard one on these enclosures)


The x can be copied from the rear part without concern, but, from memory it was about 0.5mm larger than datahseet. (i can confirm this later)

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And for kristal, just to show that the panel really does not come off the case, a shot of it hanging off my claw -

Now I understand what you mean. Well, the reason why I proposed rails is that your design is probably a 1,5mm one and now looks recessed. If you use a 3mm design and add rails, it would look flush mounted. But I guess it's a matter of taste and budget.


Also be careful with altering the original design, the screw holes should have the original alignment. There's probably only space left for a LED lead when you finally assemble case and panel.


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I think budget more than anything.


300+ euro for a case is ridiculous.  You might get 5 people willing to pay that for a "premium" case.  You're getting taxed BIG TIME for the low volume, that case should be 30 euro, not 90.  It's not ill will, it's simple economics.  There is a cost to set up to run those and that cost is passed to you so getting 10 cases cut will cost not that much less than getting 50 cases cut except the per piece cost will be spread over 10 cases, not 50.


For that kind of money, there are dozens of one off prototype case places that will punch, fold, and silk screen aluminum however you want.  I pay 130 euro TOTAL for one off prefabbed hammond cases machined and engraved front and back.  I've actually had Hammond quote cases similar to this (and that means punched THEN powder coated) and it was half that in quantities over 50 pcs..

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re: panels - 


for my own personal build, for which i could cut the panels however i wanted, where machine time, or metal cost would be largely irrelevant, i will use the design above, as i think it is a stronger, neater panel than the original design.  to re-iterate, i can cut my own panel however i choose, and i will cut it to this design (unless the hardware changes by the time i get around to it!)

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And now for some photos -

Wow, those panels look wonderful! I'll get in touch with you later.

In case anyone needs the original Albs DK38-144 wheel I have 15 of them "in stock". I think they are just the right size for the unit. Take a look at http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=wilba_mb_seq:prototype_0.jpg

Link for the datasheet: http://www.albs.de/ecom/images/866003.pdf


EDIT: All the wheels are now gone, sorry.

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Good news everyone, I phoned with Heidenreich today:


  • the cases are in production, 9x black & 1x alu blank for casius are confirmed
  • invoice should arrive tomorrow
  • lead time ~ 4 weeks, confirmed delivery before Heidenreich goes into holidays (4th of August)

Also thanks go to casius & xtrmnt, who relieved me from paying Paypal fees. I'll donate the fees to Twin-X (hosting costs), when the financial details are processed.


Edit: Invoice is paid.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Oh snap! Is this still available? I've been looking to get one of these cases and panels for a long long time!


:smile: Yes, it's still available.


EDIT: I'm gonna put my name on the Batch #2 list just in case.

Thanks, I fixed the amount for you. For a panel set please PM julianf.

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Update: The cases (20.10 kg :sweat:) arrived at my place.


To-do-list for the next coming days:

  • Measurement checking: Done. Cases are direct clones to the already 30 manufactured by Heidenreich. The standard 17" front panel by Wilba fits nicely (see pic)
  • Ordering fitting cardboard boxes: on their way
  • Printing shipping labels and preparing abroad shipment
  • Tracking numbers will be provided via Paypal







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Packing phase has started. 80mm fan for comparison - no banana available. :happy:

I aim to hand over the parcels to DHL by end of the week.

Parcels have been packed, shipping labels have been printed.




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Ive been quiet for a while (summer has been getting in the way!) but all but one mbseq panel order are shipped, and ill have some gloss black (silver writing) panels for the group buy in my 'shop' before the weekend is out.


Next will be matt red (white writing), and then, i guess, ill make some more matt black?


The gloss black / silver writing is the same metal as i used to use on my desktop x0xb0x builds - 





The 5u panel is matt black / white infill, the desktop is gloss black / silver.


Again, sorry for slow replies to those who have mailed me recently.



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