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midiphy SEQ v4+

latigid on

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On 11/1/2020 at 4:18 PM, latigid on said:

Sure, all parts and ports are compatible.


Thank you a lot for your advice! It is great that the ports are compatible!

I found the infos in the wiki: http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?do=search&id=midiphy

Even thought the new schematics are not online (or I did not find them), the descriptions of the changes are pretty helpful.

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4+ UI question 

when I enter mute mode, it is not easy to get back to track edit mode.

 it requires me to press either param or trigger or step to get back out of mute mode..  then I can press track to get back to basic track edit mode.

 I would expect to just be able to press track again, and go back to track editing.  am I missing something?



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Happy New Year to you all...

I see you are now confirming build numbers to finishers - out of curiosity, do you know what mine was (completed beginning May 2019)?

I was also just doing a new year firmware update on all my hardware - I'm running 097 on the V4+, but the download page stops at 096 (for STM32F4). Am I up-to-date?

Cheers, Simon

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14 hours ago, latigid on said:

Hi Simon and a happy new year to you too!

We try to keep track of the "successfully built" SEQ v4+s in this thread, so I don't think you got a serial number yet as you were posting in the "troubleshooting" thread? Happy to assign you #39 if you want to post a pic here?


@latigid on Thanks, Andy... belatedly, here it is, the centre-piece of the studio!  It may be a record in terms of slowness to post... :)

4 hours ago, Hawkeye said:

@SimonSays regarding the firmware question - v4.097 is the current beta firmware release (which is stable!), the current official release is v4.096 - no need to change anything, but of course hoping for an official v4.097 release soon! :)

Best regards and have a good new year 2021!


@HawkeyeThanks, Peter - same to you!



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Hello Forum,

it is done. Another Midibox V4SEQ+ is in heavy use since today!

I started soldering during the christmas holidays, doing a lot of mistakes like confusing SMD Resistor Arrays on the JA Board, mixing up the direction of the LED matrix and finally forgot to put the J5 jumper for the 5 Volts on the core board the project is finished. Peter and Andy helped me so much via E-Mail.

So, here´s a little story:

In 2005 I built my second midibox based on the PIC and now after 15 years a lot of things in my life changed, since 2012 I have my degree in electrical engineering and the midibox project really pulled me into this topic of voltages, signals and microcontrollers.
The amazing video how to built the new version convinced me to give it another try.
In 2005 I spent a whole year for the project because all the connections for the buttons, encoders etc. had to be built on your own as an individual solution.
With the Midiphy Kit the build process is way more faster and the design of the PCB´s and case is just absolutely amazing.
ll these details, the multicolor LED´s, no problems with jitter for the encoders...during this build I was so often surprised by the smart solutions for all these little challenges one faces when doing a DIY project.

So one thing didn´t change in all these years: The fascination about MIDI, electronic music and this great Midibox community.


Currently I am not able to upload a picture, but you find excellent pictures of the Midibox on the Midiphy webpage.
I will do this in the next days.

Take care!






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Thanks to Michael for building this beauty for me! It arrived safely at it's final destination. Looking forward to get my hands on, and my head around this machine. :)

Unfortunately am I getting the following error message all the time, when I try to upload the .jpg of the device. What a pity! But I can assure you - it does look beautiful!

  Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file.
(Error code: -200)


The picture had only 1,2mb, but it worked after reducing it to 500kb - and here it is! :)


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On 11/18/2020 at 2:26 PM, Roy said:

Here is mine :)

Only heard about this project last week and now I'm the owner of this beautiful beast.

Thanks Peter and Andy for all the help (me spamming you) in the last few days :)


nice spaceship :)

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Hi Forum,

I have some questions:

2) The All Button/Function has a strange behaviour. Where can I find some documentation about it? Unfortunately searching for "All" or "All Button" produces too many results.
In my case the behaviour is:
Press All one time the LCD is blinking and shows notes/velocity/length and if I move the first encoder it only changes the value of the first encoder. When I move the e.g 7th encoder all values are changed accordingly.

3) I showed the newly built Midibox to my piano teacher and did a little "advertisement" about the midibox project. When I explained all the features I told him about the Force to Scale function. Immediately he told me that he is dreaming about a piano which has 11 keys per octave. Some interessting harmonics would occur in such a distribution or allocation. So I also started about thinking about it. Can you please direct me to the Force to Scale functions in the repository, I like to dive deeper in this part of the software.

Thanks in advance.
Please move my questions also the any forum topic which suits better.



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Hey Michael, here's my notes on the ALL button functionality.  I have three uses on my "cheat sheet" that I grabbed from the seq 4 beginners guide. .  

CHNG ALL JUMP:   ALL&hold -Turn the cursor step knob.  All steps will JUMP to the value of the cursor step.

CHNG ALL RELATIVE:   ALL press & release -Turn the cursor step knob.  All steps will change but relative to their original value.

RAMP BTWN:   ALL press & release -Turn a non-cursor step knob.  Steps btwn. the turned knob and the cursor position will align values in a smooth(er) RAMP.


Not sure about your cursor wheel.  I know the scales can be definied somewhere on the SD card in a file and they can be used after that..


Enjoy this BEAST of a machine..  Step by step, you'll wrap your head around it.


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Hi Steve,

thanks for your reply. I wasn`t used to the three modes described in my old Midibox due to different settings in the file "MBSEQ_HW.V4" so I was confused.
As I just found out one has to read CAREFULLY and one has to check at which position the cursor >...< is currently.
That's the knob that decides about the whole row values! :happy:

Great. Problem solved.


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