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  1. C3 with diff vel. 2 diff. notes

    Hi Bruno, Thank you very much! Altough this is quite "abracadabra" to me, I managed to copy your example in the app.c file of the MIDIO128_v3 folder and after some troubleshooting it recompiled, and it works! I can play C3's with different velocities and they're played by DOUTpin 0,1 and 2. I'll manage to expand this further to my needs. Only thing I'm a bit worried about, is that I just add a bit of code to the MIDIO128 app, and that this piece of code will "struggle" with the original app. Or shouln't this be a problem?! Thanks anyway, I'm ways further to my goal now. HERE is an early vid of my experiments
  2. C3 with diff vel. 2 diff. notes

    Hi, I'm building a midi triggered snaredrum with solenoids controlled by a relay board wich is controlled by a stmf4 running MIDIO128 V3. To get some sort of velocity control I want to use different solenoids, micro's, 5N  and 20N strength. So when for example, C3, velocity 64 is played it will activate DOUT pin D01, and when C3, velocity 96 is played it will trigger DOUT pin D02 and when C3, velocity 127 is played it will trigger DOUT pin D03. I hope someone can point me in the right direction how to achieve this. If someone knows how to do it in Ableton, change C3, velo 65 to C#3 for example then that would be cool too. I make midifiles in ableton and let them play by MIDIO128 Thanx
  3. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Yess, that would be nice, I'm always wondering where my sounds come from!
  4. midiphy SEQ v4+

    wowie I like it more than expected, looking good!
  5. midiphy SEQ v4+

    I'm interested,... but the LED window is way to small for me. So I don't think this is an option for me, although I understand the feeling about the shining through the neighbour knobs. Last weekend I did my first gig with the sequencer, There was a lot of smoke, lasers and other flashing lights and I totally loved the big coloured buttons, it felt very sturdy/secure! So obvious what you are doing :)...
  6. Hi, I just tested it on a windows10 64bit with SeqV4+ and it seems to work very good/fast. But when using MIOS File Browser I still get the "Invalid response from MIOS core during read operation" when I try to download the MBSEQ_HW.V4 file.. But with my new machine I can easily pull out the SD Card so no troubles for me. On my previous Seq I glued the SD Card inside and couldn't reach it anymore. Only by making it an external Disk and then I only was able to upload the Seq firmware again through my GM5x5x5 to the Seq. Thanx fotr the update!
  7. He Electrodancer,


    I'm interested in your midibox stuff, oh en ik ben gesitueerd in Nederland, dus das lekker makkelijk. Als je mij een paypal betaalverzoek doet betaal ik zo snel mogelijk. Ik kan het nu ff niet gewoon overmaken aangezien mijn rekening bijna leeg is, paypal gaat via mijn creditcard...



  8. Dear FantomXR,

    On the forum I red you made some coreboards with everything on it for making a midikeyboard. I'm very interested in this do you still have some and can I buy such a coreboard from you?

    Cheers, Roel

    1. FantomXR



      I’ll receive a new set of coreboards next week. I’ll let you know as soon as they arrived and I tested them!



    2. Elektruck


      Cool, I'll look forward to it!



  9. AOUT Alternative - Expert Sleepers Fader Host

    Hi, I managed to get it working right on time for the party, but I didn't play there... Here's a little table I made with all CC's I needed to send to get it right, clock on output 7 and start/stop on output 8:   function ch cc value 1 Start/stop 1 103 1 2 Midi clocked lfo 3 70 64 3 Square wave 5 102 127 4 Stop LFOs when clock stopped 13 90 1 5 PW 7 102 64 6 Ouput direct control 1 6 64 After sending these CC's I stored the setting as a preset. And after that I choose this preset to be the startup default preset. And now it always works without any hassle. And as I promised, here's a quick video with the FH-1 and SeqV4 . Nothing special, just pluggin in and hitting start, followed by some rough tekno. I didn't test the accuracy of the outputs as I don't have good oscillators or test equipment in my living room rack. It all seems really stable but if people want tests I can try with logic analyzer and multimeter...
  10. AOUT Alternative - Expert Sleepers Fader Host

    I'll try to shood a video, but that will be next year...
  11. AOUT Alternative - Expert Sleepers Fader Host

    Ok, I just managed to get a midi syned square lfo output at output 7 and a start/stop on output 8. But I need 4 tracks now wich sends cc's on different midichannels to achieve this, and when I load a new song these settings are gone. So I need to save these as a default startup setting. I don't have time for this now but I'll figure it out later. Very nice evening and new year for everyone!
  12. AOUT Alternative - Expert Sleepers Fader Host

    And did you manage to output midi synced clock signals? I recieved the module yesterday and it works perfect so far with my new SeqV4+ :) but I don't understand the lfo/clock part so far. Would be nice to get this fixed for newyears eve party...
  13. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Yesss!!! I think I managed to give birth to number 5! It's looking awesome (and I never use this word) My camera completely fails to catch the beauty of this beast. The case is not white, but a bit creamy, it looks so professional, like a medicial/laboratory equipement. I just followed the tutorials, no modifications. Only some tiny drop of superglue on some bolts to secure them. Oh and I ordered a clear beat LED and didn't like the looks so I sanded the top flat and now I like it.  Very big thanks to TK, Peter, Andy and Adrian and everyone else involved in this evolution. Looking forward to the LoopA!
  14. midiphy SEQ v4+

    He that's good news, thanx! I got a package from TME yesterday, if only I had checked.....I looked for the  62381 at TME, not the 62083, thanx again!
  15. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Merry Christmas everybody!!! Last week I also got all packages in my mailbox, the case looks supurb, stylish and sturdy, really profi!!! I already finished and checked the Core PCB's so yesterday I started on the rest with the new video tutorial. Also outstanding work on this tutorial. It's quite an advanced soldering job, but with the video it's all very clear and do-able. Thanx indeed for all this hard work!!! But as soon as I came to the TBD62381A, I noticed I had ordered a smaller piece. The original was out of stock, so I choose an other one, but the wrong one, aaahhh. .HERE you'll find the right replacements, But they only ship from US , digikey or mouser and I need to order at least for 20 or 60 euro's, and the thing is like 70 cents...and I'm a bit broke after these orders...So I'm stuck for now :(... I did the tests and everything seems to work fine, encoders and LeMec and Matthias switches, see PIC, so I can't wait to finish the machine. Maybe someone in Europa with a spare TBD62381A I can buy?! Cheers, Roel