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  1. Congrats! Great build, hope you enjoyed it! ;-)

    Hitting the "play" button on the top right should sound the currently active engine (output only on the respective outs, or on the mix out)... there is also the possibility, that the lowpass filter is tooo low, try turning it up, some patches may be optimized for the 6581sids, if you have 8580 sids, you may have to adjust the default filter cutoff value... other than that i´d suggest you upload the demo patch bank with many nice sid patches :)

    Goodbye for now and lotsa fun with your fantastic new synth!


  2. No problem, you can do it! :-)

    Btw, there is a fair chance of many switches already being at the correct position... so when you have the frontpanel on, look with a magnifying glass, which switch cap touches the aluminum, and remove only those switches with no "air" between the cap and the aluminum... if you are lucky, it is only a few of them which "block" the smooth attachment process.



  3. Hmm. Bad things happen sometimes, don´t worry too much...

    In the glueing phase it would be nice, if the frontpanel could be easily attached, to avoid messing it up with glue blobs because of "attachment tries".

    Also, attaching it will even get a little bit more difficult when the LEDs are in there, so it would be nice, if the tactile switches were aligned as well as possible... using flathead LEDs makes it even harder to "get them in", that is what a few people have reported...

    So, if you ask me, don´t throw away your CS PCB - if the switches don´t fit perfectly, just snip the four pins of each switch off directly above the PCB with a wirecutter. Then remove each broken switch. Then use a desoldering pump pressed to the front side "around the pin remainders" and your soldering iron applied to the backside and suck the switch pin remainders through... no big deal and will leave you with clean holes for soldering the switches again... should be no problem at all, but you´d need a desoldering pump. I´ve done the same thing with an encoder I messed up in the "detention phase" and it worked perfectly.

    Also, don´t underestimate the number of times you may want to remove the frontpanel from the CS PCB - e.g. if you want to change the display, or install knob backlight LEDs, or want to exchange a misbehaving encoder, all of which happened to me :)



  4. Hehe, very well done!

    Even if it was a bit more expensive manufacturing the frontpanel, you have something absolutely unique in the world nao :)

    Yes, you can use the 1/2 watt resistors, if they fit in somehow, maybe insert them vertically...

    Edit: Good idea to go for the 6.3mm mix-out out on the backpanel at once, if you don´t have it yet, you now just need to get a high-quality "guitar" 6.3mm stereo socket and you have a studio-class connector - a suitable connector is referenced in the photo tut, it is not totally cheap but great quality...



  5. You´re not alone - my gf keeps b****ng about all that electronics crap, wires and black boxed ic magic stuff being scattered all over the appartment, useless in her eyes :), space is at a premium everywhere :unsure: - worst thing is i recently "lost" two pcbs and cant find them anywhere, now to avoid partnership problems i´d better not ask if she´s seen them :)

    Keep it up and many greets to NYC :)


  6. :-) the glue will cure at some point ;-)

    Could you tell us more about the EEFV VCA solution you choose? How does it compare to Seppomans Solution?

    Would you create a blog/tutorial on how to connect this to the baseboard? Would be great for electronic noobs like me :-)

    I don´t think analog filtering is soo necessary for the excellent SIDs (they really have quite nice filters which add to their specific sound), but VCAs would be a great addition for more expressive live keyboard playability ;-)

    Best regards,