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  1. SD Card Sample Player01

    From the album Elektruck

  2. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    It has  +12V, -12V, gnd and +5V indeed, very handy. I found several of them on a local metal scrapheap, in an open electronics container, they were in professional video stuff. Some were even wet from rain, but they work perfectly, I have one in my sequencer, modular rack and MBCV2.  I love diving in containers, last time I found an almost new Samsung 10 inch galaxy tablet :)
  3. driving Solenoid

    The solenoids I ordered use only 120mA and the ULN2803 could drive upto 500mA each output, so that won't be a problem. I don't know if the solenoids will be powerfull enough, but when I'll check bigger ones, I'll look into the current thingie. Thanx for your input
  4. SD Card Sample Player01

  5. Cool thinking and superb you got it working and made a wiki! Recorder seems like a nice one! Cheers, Roel
  6. driving Solenoid

    I was thinking of building a drummachine something like this And as an extra I would like to add piezo contact mics, to amplify the sound. I want to make some sort of toolbox, with clamps and stuff, so you can turn anything into a percussion instrument....might be super Cheers, Roel
  7. driving Solenoid

    Thanks for the answer! I did use a transistor switch circuit for adding LED's to my gate outputs so I'll manage that. On the highly liquid forum I found something with an ULN2803A transistor array. I just ordered some solenoids inChina, so now waiting for them to arrive. Cheers, Roel
  8. driving Solenoid

    Hello, I would like to experiment with this but the link to the schematic in this article is broken :(  I'm looking  for a schematic for dout > solenoid, anybody any idea's?  
  9. MIDIbox TIA - Atari 2600 Synth

    Howyeah, PCB, TIA and maybe a backplane would be great, but PCB and TIA only is also good! I'll make a friend VERY happy with this. If you tell me where to put what money, I'll pay immediately. Thanx ahead. Cheers, Roel
  10. MIDIbox TIA - Atari 2600 Synth

    oh, got away for a while and totally missed this. Any chance for me to get a pcb and or enclosure? Cool project!
  11. MB-6582 in Ponoko case

      Would be great! Maybe they're still on your ponoko account?!?! I used formulor before and my seq4 files are still there. I have a bag of flat LED's here myself, I'll check the diameter.  
  12. MB-6582 in Ponoko case

    Wow, never seen this case, looks beautiful and my MB6582 still needs one. Are the files available or should I design my own? Cheers, Roel
  13. OLRE16, in colors.

    Wow, looks amazing!
  14. Mios8 rebooting after query

    Ok, problem NOT solved! I thought I found the problem but that wasn't the case Roel
  15. Hi, My Mios8 based MIDIclockbox cannot connect to MIOS Studio. As soon as I want to contact te Core by hitting the query button, the clockbox starts rebooting. My midi interface is working correctly, and the MIDI in of clockbox also, cause it slaves perfectly. I made some changes to the code I would like to trie, but before opening the maschine I want to ask here if somebody has an idea to fix it. 
  16. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Hi Marcel, welcome abroad! I just want to say high to you!!!, unfortunately I can't help you with this problem, as I'm working on MBCV2 with a LPC board, see pic. It's been some time since I last played with it. I started to addapt the Lemur template for my Samsung Galaxy S5 and came quite far. I have to dive in it again. I heard good stuff about your DIY CNC machine, I'm really curious!   Sorry for interupting your question/problem, good luck with your LCD! Cheers, Roel
  17. SD card polyphonic sample player

    Thanx for the mellotron samples, they're lovely! Cheers, Roel
  18. SD card polyphonic sample player

    Hi AVLG, Cool module indeed! 2 all: Last month I made 2 samplebanks for my sample player, 2 octaves of accordion notes, 2 octaves of ContraBass nootes and 5 octaves of piano notes. The accordion notes sounded quite well but the piano distorted a lot when playing polyphony notes. So I  tried again and normalized the piano sounds with -6dB, but they still distort really fast compared to the accordion sounds, while the accordion sounds are a lot louder. The only thing I can think of is that the piano sounds are far more clean and harsh sounds compared to the accordion, wich are a lot fuzzier, so you hear the distortion much better with piano sounds.  For now I play polyphony piano sounds with low level velocity and it works acceptable, but maybe you have some hints to get more volume out of the piano sounds without distortion.   And because it was quite some work to set up these sound banks I thought it would be a nice idea to share the files here so you can try them yourselves. Maybe you want to share your sounds also with us. I would love to try those melotron sounds or drumkits. Here are mine!
  19. Wouldn't it be nice....?

    Hi welcome! MIDIbox is a supurb platform indeed with a great sequencer. I don't wanna start about the possibilities or your questions, cause others are way better in that. Only thing: "I also implented musical scales. And a "notefilter" that only allows notes to be used that are in the chosen scale!"That's implemented in Seq4 as well and it's called FTS (force to scale) I just want to show you this movie from a MIDIbox I made witch has a sliders that are controlling note values. SEE HERE Cheers, Roel
  20. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

      Of course you could, that's how I do it right now. But this needs tweeking everytime,.. like setting witch output,... if you want to hear 2 or more synths to listen to the drifting of VCO's you need more tracks. And with this 'tuning tracks' you have to run the sequencer, it sends out all other kind of information, Ok.. you can mute everything except for the tuning track etcetc . In the end it's quite a hassle. It's much easier to stop the sequencer and send a C3 note-on command to all machines. And hearing all those drifting/droning oscillators plaing just a C3 is quite impressive, I would love this feature.
  21. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Yes, I also have a feature request!!! In history I builded a P3 sequencer, from Collin from sequentix, and this had a special 'tune' knob. It was a really handy knob witch I used a lot with my old analoge synths. When you hit it it sends a C3 note-on midi command on all outputs, and when you hit it again it sends the corresponding note-off command, I would love such a button cause it eliminates a technical setup step, really easy tuning!   Cheers, Roel
  22. MI Midipal interest check

    I would be interested in some boards at such a price. Cheers, Roel