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GM5: Least-cost USB-MIDI Interface Chip for 4.50 EUR


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It's a shame you can't wait :unsure:

For everyone else who can:

I'll contact you guys next week and we're off for yet another awesome bulk order for gm5x5x5 PCBs - this time they'll be [enter_color_here]. :frantics:

What happens if you asked for some PCBs to be shipped by Tk and some to by shipped by you Nils? Only I have my 4 chips from Tk and 2 5x5 PCBs, but I've heard nothing about the other two PCBs.

It's no big deal as it will take me a while to build them all :)

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@Frank: I added your request to our secret GM5x5x5 preorder list which will be passed to Nils.

To all: GM5 chips are SOLD OUT!

I will hold back two GM5 chips for the case that somebody screwed up his soldering work.

And the remaining GM5 chips for the

However, since ca. 1750 chips have been spread over all 5 continents meanwhile, chances are high to get spares (or even prebuilt units) in the Fleamarket

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Hehe Antix. Yellow would be awesome :D I'd like a black one with blue pearl coating :D


black maybe OK but I have some doubts about the pearl coating.

Anyway we have already RED and WHITE so may be nice another " color industrially feasible "

I know about Black,Purple ,Yellow and Blue.

Anyone knows of other solder resist color?

Nils any suggestion about ?

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