MBSEQ V4 build with MIDI, CV and DIGITAL OUT

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Yesterday, I finished my MBSEQ V4 build. I decided on the following components for my version of the sequencer.

  • MBSEQ CS: Wilba Control Surface
  • BLM16x4: 16 x 4 button matrix
  • TPD: Track Position Display
  • 2 x MIDI I/O: MIDI interface, a total of 4 MIDI IN and 4 MIDI OUT
  • DOUTX4: 4 x 8 digital outputs
  • AOUT_NG: 8 CV outputs (1V/oct)

I did think about placing the digital outs and CV out modules outside of the main sequencer using line drivers so the sequencer did not have to be near the modular synthesizer. I did test the configuration and it worked as it should. However, I decided against it as I wanted the sequencer to be a self contained unit with all functionality in one box. The diagram below shows that final configuration with connections between the modules.


I started with the main panel. As I wanted to house the sequencer in a 19? rack case, all panels are compatible with the standard 19? rack dimensions. I downloaded a Front Panel Designer panel design from the Midibox forum and added studs to make mounting the control surface PCB and LCD’s a lot easier.


Here is my version of the FPD file: mbseq_19in_io-v01.fpd



Here is a picture of how the PCB's are mounted to the panel.


The second panel contains the BLM16x4 and TPD modules. For this panel I also added studs to an existing design to make assembly of the panel much easier.


And here is my version of the FPD file: TPDBLM_19_v02.fpd




The third and last panel holds all input and output connectors. This is a custom panel designed by myself. All I/O PCB’s are mounted directly to the panel except for the DOUTX4 PCB which is mounted in the rack case and connected to the panel connectors with flat cables. The panel also provides 2 USB +5V connectors for connecting LED lights or other peripherals. The other 2 USB connectors connect to the core PCB and provide a way to upgrade the core board firmware and the MBSEQ firmware. If I had to do it again I would leave out the labels above the SYNC outputs.


This is the FPD file for the panel: MBSEQ_IO_panel_2HE-v02.fpd



For the case I ordered the Thon Rack Case 8U 12 RA from Thomann. My MBSEQ V4 fits perfectly in there. There is even about 1 HE left. I used a black panel to fill that space.

On the bottom of the case I mounted the core module and the DOUTX4 digital out modules. I also installed a custom PSU (DC-DC converter) which provides +5V (for the core board and the USB ports on the I/O panel) and +12V/-12V (for the AOUT_NG module).



I’m very happy with the end result. The panels fit neatly in the 19? case. The 19? rack in the case is a bit angled which improves visibilty of all display and controls.

Here is the final result.



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Nice build !

Stud insert from Schaffer is great !!!

Used it in one of my design too, I'm a "no visible screw" freak since :happy:




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Congratulations, the unit is looking very nice indeed!

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Outstanding work, congrats! Am always delighted to see new TPDs in use around the world :)

Many greets! Peter

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Beautiful, well done!

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I really enjoyed building this and now it's time to enjoy using it :grin:

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Amazing work. It's like a "full featured" SEQ V4 with maximum functionality.


Edited by Smithy

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