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Bassline Demo #5

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Bassline demo played on a MIDIbox SID V2 in a MB-6582 case made by Wilba.

0:03 first bassline starts to play

0:10 selecting different sequences, drums played from a sampler

0:17 "pumping" effect realized by sending the bassdrum to the sidechain of a compressor

0:25 checking the new O23 feature: bassline played unisono

0:33 changing the oscillator phase offset

0:47 detune

1:05 disabling the O23 functions

1:15 second bassline starts to play

1:22 showing the V-meter function in bassline mode

1:47 activating oscillator synch, second oscillator played with constant pitch

2:23 activating ring modulator, played with different pitches

2:55 tweaking cutoff/VCA release/O23 pitch (distortions are SID internal)

5:38 second bassline with detuned oscillators

MP3 with better audio quality

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Thank you! :)

Too bad, that the audio quality of the YouTube video is so terrible - on the other hand, it adds some extra filth ;)

4x20 screen: yes, thats a new feature especially made for MB-6582:


The upper line shows the menu page name + selections (here Left/Right oscillator #1)

The lower line shows a bar graph of the selected parameter

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Agreed. The demo itself is a pretty cool little song and, knowing it's coming from SIDs is even more awesome! I've been following the MidiBox-SID project for years now and I never really thought SIDs could be made to sound like that! So far, I find myself still listening to the demo at least once a day! Nice work!

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