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I have a nice collection of all seppoman's PCBs that I never seem to find time to build and use.

I even feel a bit guilty that he also helped me out with a lot of the trimpots, styro caps and miniature relays for the SSM2044 board as well.

Soon I'm going to ruthlessly sell off stuff I'm not likely to use... so someone please remind me if it gets to 2012 and I haven't done a big virtual garage sale of electronic bits :wink:


I am interested...

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flip, If no one answer, I advise you to look at eBay, there are cheap ready-to-go products, search for "arduino ethernet" & "arduino SD Card" :thumbsup:

Ohh, I can use something like this with MBSEQv4?



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Same but cheaper: ebay item number 290621132853 - I just ordered one, hopefully there is documentation for the pinout of the header...

I actually would like a PCB with more holes, so it can be attached more nicely, like this:


But more than 10 times the price, and still oversea shipping? No thanks...


This looks nice:


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Wilba :) Time to let go of a couple of 2044 boards yet? :) hehe. Unless seppoman still has a couple of spares? :sorcerer:


Nevermind :) I did my own pcb, getting some protos made soon.

I'm interested in some of these SSM pcb's! Filter and VCA, but mostly the filters.

Are the original PCB designs available for printing? If not, they should be :)

Otherwise, I'd like some more info from Technobreath.

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Hello. I have the design ready, and more people have asked about this.

However, I can't do anything yet, unless I get the ok from seppoman. After all its his hard work I have based my design on, and since I'm not a rude Chinese pirate, I like to show seppo the honor of asking his permission. I have asked him, but I haven't got the answer yet. I know he knows I have asked him, but he is extremely busy atm with non midibox stuff, and I expect him to answer, but when he got time ;-)

I will of course let u know how it works out.

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i have forgotten about this thread, but I promised an update after talking to seppoman. Design has been tested in private closed trials, and works great. But there is not gonna be a public release of the files, simple reason is that there is too many people outside this forum copying and reselling that stuff, and either me or anyone else want that to happen. However, there is a chance that a new design - a slightly different approach - based around 2 ssm2044 that will become available for u guys to buy, but timeframe is not set yet.

anyway, that's the status from my side on my reproduction of seppos exelent and hard work :).

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and now? whats about VCA shematics or any little bit of doku? i want to know what P1-P4 are doing? is this some CV-Bipolar-Offset, or CV-Gain, or Audio Gain... where to measure and which Value to set?

what happens if i have some failure while building, or put some beer over it, how can i debug without sheme? Board files i understand, but shemes?


what i found out:


also reverse engeniering/understanding/troubleshooting/moding is nearly impossible when the pcbs are stuffed, because most of the traces are on the component site… or hidden behind the black paint\
— first i want to know for what are those POTs? Input Gain of Audio? or of CV? or some BIAS?
POT P1 middle & right Pin connected to VCC-
POT P1 left Pin connected to a 27K Resistor and this resistor to a nother 27K Resistor which is connected to CV1+ Input. the middle point of this2xresistors is going to the TL74-OP-Amp Pin1 which is a inverting input…
The Output of this TL74 Stage is Pin1: its connected to Pin 6 SSM2164, which is the CV-Input
When i measure Pin6 to Ground, and Turn P1 most left:1,8V… Turn P1 most right: 2,47V


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