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A commercial SID synth that look damn familiar (seen on MESSE)

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While reading thru some MESSE wrap-up, I encountered this:


Looks familiar ?

This german article (http://www.amazona.de/index.php?page=26&file=2&article_id=3381&page_num=3) says in rough translation:

"Little Sound Device is to be a series of affordable compact synthesizers. The initial plan is a bass-synth (which was shown here) and a monophonic digital synthesizer based on the C64 SID chip.

With an extra batch of SID-chip there will be also small series of a four-voice desktop synth with LED matrix and controls. The device will be called either ASID64 or ASF-1."

I hope this is just a "design study".

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Hi Boom Shakthi,   that is bad enough to hear. If possible, you should consult a lawyer and let him/her write a letter to them on your behalf, in which he tells, that you want your money back, asap.

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Now that MM has blown it for themselves with their garbage x0xb0xes they have moved on to ripping off MBHP stuff. Guess all those PT10 cases they have must get used for something..

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Behind the synth is the company Touched by Sound and it's interesting, that they try to sell this over at ebay:

They still did not sell it: http://cgi.ebay.de/15x-Commodore-C64-Brotkasten-Megapaket-Zubehor-Bastler-/250775699699?pt=Klassische_Computer&hash=item3a636580f3

And yes this is gossip and even a bit off topic. Sorry :zorro:

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this is also a bit different to the usual 'someone selling their "sidbox" on ebay'.

kinda ridiculous that a company go out and steal other people's design.

well, good to know. never needed MAM cheap sounding "clones"

edit: "Simmonizer" getlost.png

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Sorry, I don't know who moved it into the trashcan, and I don't know how to undo this.

I must admit that I'm very unfamiliar with all the options provided by this forum system...

For the records: Param1 wrote at 18:01 (and I'm sure that this doesn't need to be censored):

Interesting. Touched by Sound, who are behind this, had like 25 (or so) C64 without Sid for sale at Ebay, for several weeks.

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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@ Thorsten : I wrote you a PM. Just forget it :-) (Deleted my question anyway but you were to quick hehe)

What I do not understand is that they did not contact Midibox (Thorsten). Heck, they could even ask him in person because they actually do not live far away from Munich. (184km)

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While I do think that TBS' behaviour is completely unprofessional, unethical and just plain wrong - especially after having been talking to them on the phone for hours and having gotten his word that they will not release/sell/etc. anything without prior consent by TK and Wilba - please do not spam their pages, DDOS attack their servers, ask your local biker friends to drop by or do any other stupid stuff of that sort. Feel free to vent your anger about their behaviour whenever you talk/write about TBS/MM though, preferably on public forums.

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