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  1. hello, I'm trying to compile my own setup.asm file (J5 enabled+encoder+aout NG) in mplab 7.4 (pc version)   here is the result on my screen :   Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files. Clean: Done. Executing: "C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPASM Suite\MPAsmWin.exe" /q /p18F452 "setup TORB.asm" /l"setup TORB.lst" /e"setup TORB.err" Error[108]   C:\MIDICV\SETUP TORB.ASM 2 : Illegal character ( ) Error[129]   C:\MIDICV\SETUP TORB.ASM 4 : Expected (END) Halting build on first failure as requested. BUILD FAILED: Wed Jan 09 04:28:51 2002     I don't understand why I've two errors. The Expexted END is not in the original .asm file downloaded on UCAPPS....   Any idea to help me compiling my config ? my midibox CV is ready to start ....but before I need to update and make and .hex file     thank you by advance for helping me :-)   W
  2. midibox fm

    From the album MIDIBOX FM

  3. 456789

    From the album MIDIBOX FM

  4. Midibox SID - Wiring it all together

    Hey everyone! I have been working on my SID synthesizer for the past couple months. I have the Core and SID modules (that I got from SmashTV) assembled, and my parts for the minimal control surface finally came in the mail.   I have attached images of the 2x20 LCD that I will be using. The problem I am having is that I do not know where to go to find documentation on how to wire this display up so that it will function with the rest of my modules. I bought it assuming that these universal displays have some sort of standardization. Given that you guys have set up an LCD display before what would you suggest?   Now for the power supply. I am going to find an old C64 power supply for sale (the commodores I ordered did not come with them) and follow this schematic:   The ground, J2, and J3 go to an audio Jack but I don't plan on using one. I want to use the midi out to connect to my computer where I hope to control my synthesizer in Propellerhead Reason 7. Before I deviate from the documentation I wanted to ask your opinion on this change to the design.   Thanks in advance!      
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble with DIN R5, just insert the ribbon on J1 and I receive on midi in an avalanche of messages (Buttons-note on / off). I'm working on NG Default but I have tried also with Midio128, same problem. I tested resistance and welding on DIN and it all looks ok. Have any of you ever encountered this problem?   Thank you.
  6. 64 Buttons Midibox

    Hallo Leute,   Ich würde mir gerne eine Midibox bauen auf der 64 Buttons sind. Sie sollen in einer Matrix angeordet sein (8x8). Das Ganze soll dann am ende wie ein Novation Launchpad fungieren (Bild von Launchpad ist angehängt).  Ich würde für die Buttons gerne diese Digitaster von reichelt benutzen;ACTION=3;LA=446;ARTICLE=7143;GROUPID=3280;artnr=DIT+1+WS. 1. Wie kann ich die Tastendrucke zu Midi wandeln? Also was für eine Platine etc. muss ich mir dafür kaufen? 2. Würde es mit den Digitastern von reichelt funktionieren? Das wäre nämlich wichtig wegen den hörbaren klicks. Danke für eure Hilfe  :happy:  :happy:  LG diyMA  
  7. UPDATE: Ich habe das Problem mit einem Midi-Keyboard gelöst. Aber wäre trotzdem schön, wenn mir jemand das mit dem Seq. erklärt.   Hallo an alle, die noch nicht am Strand/See/Kanal/Fluss sind! Ich möchte mein Doepfer MCV4 Midi-Interface umprogrammieren, damit dieser am CV3-Ausgang aus Velocity (vom Seq. V3) CV ausgibt.   Danke
  8. IMG 0285

    Backside Midibox SEQ V4 - Upgrade from V3 with additional Midi IN/OUT 3 + 4 and 4x IIC and 4x LTC 8x IIC (hacked)
  9. IMG 0284

    Frontside Midibox SEQ V4 - Upgrade from V3 with additional Midi IN/OUT 3 + 4 and 4x IIC and 4x LTC 8x IIC (hacked)
  10. Good day MIDIbox community,   I'm thinking about making a MIDIbox CV for my Yamaha CS-10 synthesizer and I'm wondering if they'll work together. The Yamaha CS-10 uses Hz/V of C1 = 0.25V, C2 = 0.50V, C3 = 1.00V, C4 = 2.00V.. and therefore have different voltages then (for example) the Korg synths. I read in another topic () that there are problems getting the MIDIbox CV to work with these older Yamahas.   Does anyone have experience connecting a Yamaha CS to the MIDI CV? I really like to know if it will work. Or can someone give me some advice to make it work probably? Otherwise I'll go and buy a Kenton Pro Solo but I prefer a DIY solution a lot more because I like to make things. I think the MIDIbox is interesting and a great project to work with!   Another quick question about the MIDIbox CV: If I'll buy a MIDIbox core with a PIC that already includes a bootloader; do I need to buy a burner to write the MIDIbox CV application to the PIC?   Thanks a lot. Cheers, Cesar
  11. Hi all,   I'm trying to configure my MIDIbox to work with FL Studio, and so far I've successfully mapped outputs from the box to control knobs and switches in FL. However, I haven't had any luck in sending feedback to the box to trigger LEDs to light up.   FL has a plugin called 'MIDI out' which allows you to send CC, RPN or NRPN bytes to an external MIDI device. My firmware has only been configured to switch LEDs in response to note events. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can take CC, RPN or NRPN bytes being sent from FL and translate them into note events so the LEDs light up on my MIDIbox?   Ideally, I'd like to configure FL so it sends out a separate CC for each LED (on channel 2, as 1 is used for my pots and encoders). A CC value of 0 would turn off the LED, while 127 would turn it on.   Thanks
  12. Hi there fellow midi heads.   this is a very genuine request for anyone on this forum who has a Midibos Seq V4  or V4 lite that they are contemplating parting with or building for a little extra funds.   I am a very serious dedicated all live musician, my act MyOneManBand revolves around me building EVERY track live from the ground do this I use LOADS of MIDI equipment, a lot of them with very lack-lustre sequencers.   So I guess, this is a plea. I'm not a builder or a solderer, I wish I was, but Im just a humble musician who loves what I do, and now I have found what looks like the best tool for the job, but I am hoping that one of you has a Midibox going spare, and which you would be so kind as to sell to me to genuinely help me in my own music making.   here is my work and more about me   I am not arich musician, I am just a normal guy but I will always try to pay what is fair for the tools I use.   thanks for reading, please PM me or email me at if you have anything for sale.   I am currently based in Belgium but will be returning to the UK in a short while.   thanks   Phill MyOneManBand.
  13. hey all i'm trey from the uk and i'm toatly blind i'm interested in the midibox seqv4l but i want to know if it is possible to add the following controls to make it easier to use for me.  fi want to add latching switches for each of the 16 steps so i can feel my way around my pattens i would also like to add big knobs that click when you turn them (i don't know the technical term) for selecting the modes chiewsing the track and channel and moving around the bars in the pattens is this possible?  i found  a person in the uk who can build me a midibox would it be ok if he came on here to ask for help and advice?  also is there any on here who is an expert in aluminium or steal cases or aloominim cases?  your help with these questions would be most welcome kind regards trey.
  14. MidiBox 64 LCD problem

    Hi Everyone!   I have build my first midibox64 some time ago with a big help from igi, on the forum. Everything is working like a charm, i am controlling ableton with it.   It has 64 pots, 53 buttons, and no leds.   Now, what is bugging me. The LCD.    I am not a programmer, I dont know C, I have used precompiled Hex file and upload it into the midibox.   But I want now that LCD is showing little more than just numbers. I think that is possible, I have search trough the forums and didnt find how to get that.   I have put an image for you to see how my LCD looks:     I dont have any leds on the midibox but the LCD thinks that it does. This is probably because of the hex file.   Can anyone explain how can I change the look of LCD to be a little more fancy,  I dont use the LCD, but it would be great that he looks like I use it.           Thanks, Kike
  15. MIDIbox ASIDITY: Front Panel Complete!

    From the album MIDIbox ASIDITY

    The front panel is finally working! It's not entirely done--we have to get the LED displays and LCDs working, but the matrix works!

    hi i want to buy a midibox seq v4, i have things i can trade possibly, but yeah it would help me out to have more sequencer tracks and i only like midibox. cheers.
  17. hi, ive tried to work with electronics and soldering and etc, and i dont have the patience to sit and work, i have a funked up back with S1-L5 rods trying to decompress and fusions of discs and i just can sit and do this project.   if anyone can build me a v4 as basic as you want to save your time , please let me know, honestly i cant do this for the life of me , unless i get really drunk and then i can sit but im sure i will solder my face after tumbling off the chair. peace guys and thanks for making this sequencer , its got all the features i want. my email is cheers again. neel
  18. I know it's pretty old PIC platform, but perfectly useful and cheap (beside MAX525). Thanks to all you guys here for publishing your knowledge!
  19. Complete SIDFB Module

    From the album MIDIbox ASIDITY

    This is one of the four SIDFB module boards that will be in MIDIbox ASIDITY. It contains two SIDs and their shift registers; a CD4052-based digitally-controlled filter capacitor switching circuit, 4 pairs capacitors per SID; LM1973-based digitally-controlled audio attenuators controlling feedback to self, feedback to other SID on the board, feedback to SID on next board, external audio output, and master L and R outputs; and the mixer circuit for all the feedback inputs (and external input) to each SID. The boards are custom-manufactured. The board contains twenty ICs, sixty-two resistors, fifty-six capacitors, six transistors, and fifteen connectors, for a total of 650 holes.
  20. velocity

    Hi guys.   I created account to ask you something. I've just get a midibox of unknown origin. Connected and tried to learn my keyboard a few ccs. On the cc chart i can see thare should be a velocity but this box don't  understand velo at all. Is this a construction, program or what issue?   I hope this isn't any stupid question but I'm not any ingeneer, just wanna play this gear.   Thanks in advance
  21. hello every one, my name is trey i'm a totally blind electronic musician from england and i'm doing djing and electronic music production in college.    i've been on a quest to find a polyphonic hardware midi sequencer that has an arpagator  that is tactile and  is not menu based. after much discussion about this over on gear sluts  see this  thread for more info:    i came to the conclution that the midi box seq v4 light would be just perfect.    how ever i have a big problem i  know nothing aboutt building electronics or programming, i also have cerebral palsy which means i have only the use of one hand. this means i'm unable to build a midi box v4 light for my self so would it be possible for some one prefibly in the uk to build one for me? i know that asking this is not the done thing in this community and i appoligise if this request offends any one. but i feel that because of the nature of my disabilities i have no other option but to make this request if any one has any other ideas please let me know i hope you can help me and i really hope i haven't upset any one kind regards trey.

    Hello, i have just assembled my first LPC core and i will use the MIDIBOX NG firmware. i have also made the sd card adaptor as in the schematics.For a memory card i use a 4 gb micro sd.   When i open the core i get the message that there is NO sd card pluged.   when i write on the terminal the command "sdcard" i get this :    attached file at the bottom "reply.jpg"     I have checked 4 times all the connections from j16 to sd card adaptor and from the j16 to the pins of the LPC. I have also checked the presence of 3,3 volt and all seem perfect!   I can't find what am i do wrong. I am waitting for suggestions in order to continue my project. thanks in advance