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  1. Hi, I think that Midibox is a great project (is the one that get me started on pic16 programming) and it deserves to grow/transform more as more affordable and capable boards are getting available. In particular the esp32 seems to be a good platform for doing some cool usb/bluetooth experimentation, and the stm32 is also promising. But the licensing of the project doesn't allow easily for other people to contribute and create new projects, and I think this has "stopped" the project a bit. Also contributing on a platform like github, maybe implementing automatic builds pipeline, would make everything easier. @TK. would you be open to move the project to a more open source model, with a license such as MIT/Apache or LGPL that will allows also commercial/other derivatives? Would you be open to move the development to some platform like Github? I can volunteer some times to make the transition happen. Thanks, Nick
  2. Hi all , Was wondering about opening a KiCAD Section in the wiki? For tutorials , midibox libs etc... where should i put it? regards, JK Edit : A Frontpanel designer section could be useful too ?That's a soft that i think most of us use? Maybe create a "Softwares" Section?
  3. All about midibox TIA ! Hi everybody, I'm sorry for the wait, some of you would not believe it. But. Here we are! You will find on the wiki all the "Cartridge" completed. Some of you will find their nickname in the bulk order list. If you still wish it, complete the options if not erase your line. And I will calculate final price for each one of you asap. Best regards Antichambre
  4. Hallo zusammen, ich suche jemanden aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum mit Erfahrung und dem nötigen technischen Sachverstand, der bereit wäre mir gegen Bezahlung einen MIDIbox v4+ Sequencer auf Basis der DIY Kits und dem Case von Midiphy zu bauen. Ich selbst habe leider nur unzureichende Erfahrung was bspw. den fachgerechten Umgang mit Elektrobauteilen oder das Löten angeht. Darüber hinaus habe ich gelernt, dass es Dinge gibt, die man den Profis überlassen sollte. Ich hoffe auf Eure Rückmeldung.
  5. Hi all, I am very happy I seem to have 10 SID chips, 8 X 6581 amd two 8580R5's I would like to make two synths with them, one "MIDIBox MB6582" and one "sammichSID" Would this be possible with this SID's I have? I have these SID's: 6581R4 1686 S MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 CBM 4184 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 CBM 4184 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 CBM 1485 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 4982 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 R3 0686 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581R3 4885 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581R3 4885 MB6582 MIDIBox 8580R5 2989 25 sammichSID 8580R5 0388 25 sammichSID I am a total newbie advise how to start is highly appreciated!
  6. Hi, Just want to share the MIDIbox Logo I made for Eagle CAD. They are in 4 sizes, with and without text. Note: 'Pins' are on copper layer, then put it somewhere there's no traces. No cream. midibox_logo.lbr Best regards Bruno
  7. a outtake from our Benefiz-Concert - for a local youth-centrum... https://youtu.be/bgcucZcvW2Q
  8. From the album: Hawkeyes MB stuff

    Directly from AdrianH's workshop - thanks a lot for the photo! :)
  9. Okay, my google fu is not up to par, and this is my first go at KiCad, but: I've been trying to find schematic files I can open in KiCad (i.e. not pdf's) for the Midibox modules. How do you all do this? I "think" it's possible to import the .brd files in KiCad, if I use the nightly build. Not sure what's an efficient work flow.
  10. Hi all :) I have a build and functioning Midibox Seq V4 with front and rear aluminum panels. I have a MPCNC that I build with Wood CNC capabilities and also a laser (2.8W) which can cut opaque acrylic. I'm planning to make wood sides with profiles cut to insert the panels and curved aluminum profiles but I'm having troubles finding suitable aluminum extrusion profiles for the curved parts. I've look all over and can only seem to find the t-slot style ones in the U.S. Did anybody have any luck finding a good version to use for making the quarter round curved aluminum profiles from a supplier in the U.S.? Thanks for any help you might give :) ~Airyck
  11. Hola, it is nice to see more posts in this section of the forums! So i did my best (...still quite limited on time) and posted a new one :-) Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching and listening! Many greets, Peter
  12. Hello, I really want a midibox v4 but don't have the time / will / skill / patience to find all of the parts and build it all to a high standard. I'm looking for something in the UK preferably. I'd like it to be fully built, be well made and in full working order including a nice case. I wouldn't mind trying to build it if I could just have a full kit with everything including the case with it but it'd prefer pre-built or built to order. Thanks, Pete
  13. A quick track, recorded on the fly. No post mix, no cut. The new Midibox TIA + TR909 drum I just play with EQ and reverb on the 01v96. I only use the "Bass" and "Buzz-Low" waveform of the TIA. Good Listening!
  14. A quick track, recorded on the fly. No post mix, no cut. The new Midibox TIA + TR909 drum I just play with EQ and reverb on the 01v96. I only use the "Bass" and "Buzz-Low" waveform of the TIA. Good Listening!
  15. I have built two CORE 8 and seven DIN cards from Smash TV. A friend laid out my Hex files and others and walked me through loading them into my CORE 8s. I have wired up two manuals and connected them to the first four DINs. He built the HEX files and the others to fit my two manual old Conn. The #0 CORE is for the two manuals and the #1 CORE is for the pedals and stop tabs. I have also loaded the St. Anne's free version to my Win 8 PC. All manual keys work properly except for the E-1 on the swell. In watching the output I noticed the E-1 shows Channel 7 rather then Channel 1. So I need to correct this but don't know how. My friend is very ill and can not help me at this time. I have MIOS Studio on the PC but other than monitor the keys I don't have a clue. It would appear to me that the key is incorrectly listed in the file that is loaded on the CORE. I do recall using some program to make minor changes to the codes, but don't recall what or where is was or how to do it. All I know is to run a cable from the CORE Out to MIDI In on my USB Midi device and also run a cable from the CORE In to MIDI Out on the USB Midi. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I did download the "tutorial" on MIOS Studio but that isn't much help. More confusing then helpful. I am located in the US in Berkeley Springs, WV. My friend was in California and he send me the files and walked me through over the phone. The files I have are: HEX FILES: device_id_00, device_id_01, device_id_02, device_id_03, main_swell_3, and setup_midio128 all with ".hex" MISC: Beckham 0.syx, Beckham 1.syx, midio128_v2_2b.zip, MIOS_Studio.exe Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am presently wiring the pedals and may use a touch screen for the stops and couplers. Jay Beckham
  16. Hi everyone. This is my first post on this forum. I have studying forum and ucapps.net for three years. Sorry for my bad english in some cases. I got an old organ "Ahlborn C33" made around 1960's. There are two manuals and pedal (and 33 stops). The instrument is functioning, but it was in very poor condition. Many of the keys did not work, some stops were not working, and the amplifier and speakers were outside the organ, because there was no room inside. The organ had about 200 ECC82 (12AU7) tubes and associated electronics that served as oscillators. Here are a few pictures of what they look like: I don't have old picture of mine working, but this is the same organ (without speaker boxes). I decided to remove all the old electronics because it was not possible to repair. Not only are the parts were unavailable and expensive, but the sound was not anything special. From the organ I use almost everything except tubes, resistors and capacitors. Many keys were damaged and needed to be glued or otherwise repaired. Each button has about a 10-15 contacts. I have removed the old cables and for each key merged only one wire. I soldered a wire to multiple contacts for a better grip (old 56K resistors are not connected). After that I again put mechanisms in their old place. Here's the picture: Also I made a fixes to pedal, but there was more work to do, because some mechanisms were literally broken. Then I ordered a printed circuit board and made connections to DIN, DOUT and CORE. I used two CORE printed circuit boards because there were more than 128 DIN. I have plenty of space in organ so I installed an old ATX case and motherboard ASUS P5PL2 (with CPU Celeron D 2,6 and 3,5 GB of DDR2 RAM). All this is powered by ZALMANN quality silent power supply (400W) that powers the PC and MidiBox (5V for logic and 12V for the foot-light). I installed the 60 GB SSD hard drive due to its speed and silence. PIC Midi printed circuit boards are connected to the Game Port. This motherboard have gameport header. It works great and proved to be the best solution for my case. Because Windows 7 and 8 can't support the old Game Port, I installed Ubuntu 14.04. The sound card is the integrated, and if need be, we can also think of a better (PCI or USB). Audio amplifier and speakers (2x12" 4 ohm) are mounted into organ. Speed: - computer turns on and loads Burea church samples in GrandOrgue in 1 minute and 5 seconds. - computer turns off in three seconds. Instead of the old registers that can be used for other (smaller) organ, I put aluminum panels with buttons and LEDs. I have not installed the panels on board yet. Later I will add labels. Sorry for plenty of wires :-)) . I'm sorry also for some bad photos. Now - one problem. I have two foot pedals (for great and swell manual). How to connect them to the "mbhp core"? On each of them I put linear potentiometers of 5 kilohms. The center of each potentiometer (taper) I connected with short cable to the analog input on the "core". The ends of each potentiometer I connected to 5VDC and GND respectively. However in "MIOS Studio" nothing happens when I move a foot pedal, there are no "MIDI events". All other controls are working properly. What could be the problem? Is there anything further to do to get a foot pedal operated with the application MIDIO128?
  17. Hi ! For those who use IRC and are used to hang on freenode, i created #midibox channel there. i know some IRC midibox chat exists on mibbits,but to me not the best place to be. And having different IRC servers is not very cool , i prefer by my side being stucked to freenode as well as it's the right place for open source things. some good free Windows IRC client there : https://www.adiirc.com/ Hope some peoples would join ! Best regards, JK
  18. Hi All, I have been looking for a good midi sequencer for a while. I tried a couple of things out there but nothing satisfying. I won't have so much spare time to get into DIY. If someone has a MIDIbox SEQ V4 for sale in UK, ideally in London please let me know I am very interested.
  19. Hi Im selling my Midibox Seq V4, it as been in my studio for quite some time now, and it was really fun to built and to use it live. Unfortunately in this last 3 years i didn't use it at all, one reason is that my whole idea of performance didnt involve the Seq, so its time to move on and im betting the one who keeps it will give a proper use to this wonderful machine. Some specs: i have built this monster and it took me quite some time, at the time i was giving my first steps towards electronic diy stuff and this was my first project, lots of doubts and also lots of ideas that come out of this enterprise, luckily this forum always help me a lot, awsering questions and keep me positive about all of it. I didnt built a faceplate, was my intention but as soon i was starting playing with this baby i totally forget to make one, also i like the aesthetic of not having a front panel, the Seq as 2 midi in / 2 midi out but is prepared for one more in and out, (i have put the plugs but didnt solder them to the board), the rotary encoders in the front have the top caps, but they are missing from the photos because i was cleaning it and forget to put em back. The machine is running and dont have any errors or crashes the O.S is the last one, and i can throw a Power supply in the sale, the box was my creation, and is solid pine wood, the connections in the back a a proper newbies work, but its all good, no shorts or bad connections. I dont know what to ask because i cant come up with a value,(for the parts i have spent about 300€, wood box 45€ and a lot of days working in it) so if you can make me an offer i will appreciate, also im looking for modular stuff (Makenoise Modules, Intelligel, and a System A-100 (case) from Doepfer)
  20. Hi, I have build my own full CS midibox SID V2 and I have problem to get control over SID slaves. When I press SID2, SID3 or SID4 buttons I will get "SID(x) not available (CAN disabled)" message on the screen. I have checked connections between core modules many times and check signals with oscilloscope. Master core is sending something at the startup but after that CAN bus seems to be quiet. Do I have to activate CAN bus from asm files (same where buttons,encoder and leds are mapped?)? I also have 1k pull up resistor on RX signal (signal that goes to core RB3 pin). PIC ID's I have also checked and those are ok. So only master core sid control is working at the time. Any ideas how to get all slave cores working? MBSID V2 software version that I'am using is 2.044, bootloader 1.2b and MIOS is1.9h Br, Jeppe
  21. I'm looking for a sammichSID or Midibox v2 either built, kits, or most of a kit. FWIW, I live in San Francisco, CA USA. Thanks.
  22. I'm jumping on the Midibox bandwagon late I realize, but I want to make a Midibox SID unit... From what I can tell the number one source for this was smashtv's Midiboxshop but he's out of stock of the kits and even if i ordered the general parts from a standard electronics dealer I'd still have the problem of needing programmed PICs, which he's out of stock of as well. I tried emailing him a while back and heard nothing so I suspect I can't hope that he'll have things in stock again anytime soon. Is there another source in the US for programmed PICs and Midibox specific parts or do I need to order from one of the international stores?
  23. Hallo Freunde! I am searching for a MB6582 V2 to be used in underground techno/experimental production. Require unit in perfect working order ready for studio use (and preferably with SID chips installed as I only have 2 spares ATM). Thanks for your consideration :)
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