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Revised 25-pin breakout port


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Two questions regarding Seq4 CV:


1) Can the AOUT_NG be powered with +/- 15 volts (instead of +/- 12) ?


2) I want to use an AOUT_NG and a DOUT in the breakout box within my modular cabinet.  From there I should be able to patch the CV and the trigger outs to various modules with patch cables up to 2m long, correct ?


thanks! Drew

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Edit: my run is now spoken for and I'm putting in the order today.


I will wait for sneak's groupbuy to finish and go in the order requested but so far I've got







freddy x2



I need two pair so 3 more people will make it 10. Shipping from Chicago.

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mfk had asked for 2 pairs and I only noticed it later and was only able to ship him 1 pair.


Consider this a request on behalf of mfk for the last pair. He'll confirm, of course.


mfk got 1 pair from sneakthief, if I read it right he asks for two additional pairs meaning for me only a single would remain? Did I get it right?

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