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  1. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Yes for CAN, J18 is always the one. But Andy's wCore and Disco platform have only One-Wire connection. This one has Power pins for transceiver supply, RX and TX are separated. But you can add the regular Resistor and a Diode on the dipBoardF4 to link others Cores directly and easily with the One-Wire. This MCAN connector may be called J18E for 'extended' I suppose... A small transceiver module will be created to link the CAN bus with the external world, internally I planned to use the Euro Power connector, the power ribbon by using BUS1 and BUS2(last pins of the 16pins IDC) called CV and GATE sometime but never used in fact. Best regards Bruno
  2. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Autocad is my best friend since a long tilme now ;)  
  3. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Hi, This is some update about the Core part of the project, I just finished to design it, artwork is not perfect but PCB and assembly are ready. I achieve the size of 12 HP and a depth which doesn't exceed 45mm, overall with IDC connectors present at the back. I can reduce it to the previous 11 HP but result is less clean at the front and assembly is more complicated then it will be 12 HP. The features: Euro Module 12 HP x 45mm. 2 MIDI In/Out. 2 independent USB, one Device, one Host. Micro-SD Card. Reset and User Button. 2 leds. Power switch, acts on both external and USB power. It is optional. Automatic switching between the Power sources, EXT/USB. Priority to external first. Can be connected to a regular Euro power connector (IDC16), regulation from 12V. Can use 5V from your skiff or provide it to the bus. 'Regular' MIDIbox ports In the order: J4, IIC A and B. J5, internal ADC for 2 analogue Inputs. J8/9, SPI 5V(SRIO). J11(2xMIDI IO). J15, displays(serial only, 2 CS lines). J16E, SPI 3,3V, Reset and User buttons, 2 leds(. J18. MCAN, Ready for CAN transceiver or 'One-Wire' CAN connection. J19, SPI 5V.   Some 3D render:   The PCB, all SMD will be assembled by manufacturer. It can be used for small desktop project too.   I designed this module for the HAARP but it can be used for other application, you can use it with the MIDIPHY Analog modules to create the perfect interface for your modular system. And you can create your own Surface Control and/or your hybrid analogue modules. Voilà Best regards Bruno
  4. 1910-dipCoreF4-Euro-Assembly-Front.png

    From the album The HAARP

  5. 1910-dipCoreF4-Euro-Assembly-dim.png

    From the album The HAARP

  6. 1910-dipCoreF4-Euro-Assembly-3dfront.png

    From the album The HAARP

  7. 1910-dipCoreF4-Euro-Assembly-3dback.png

    From the album The HAARP

  8. 1910-dipCoreF4-Euro.png

    From the album The HAARP

  9. NRPN issues - can't go past NRPN #256

    Thanks man for having checking it. We can now put TK in the loop... @TK. ;) if you confirm it too, it can be modified in the repo. Best regards Bruno
  10. Speed up writing OLEDs

    What is the solution that you retain from this? You can use bitmaps, one for each screen, first you write into it then you transfer the whole bitmap to the screen one by one( cs by cs) and maybe only the one which has changed using some flag, the problem with this is that you will use a some of the RAM, 128*64*9/8=9216 bytes(9K), maybe not bad depending on your app. Best regards Bruno  
  11. [Pending Sale] MidiBox Seq V4 with BLM 16x4 and CV/Gate

    Yes just remember you also built a SeqV4+. ;)  
  12. [Pending Sale] MidiBox Seq V4 with BLM 16x4 and CV/Gate

    Beautiful design for both! No doubt you will sell it fastly!
  13. It was not all the time but more than other people for sure, electrostatic thing maybe, we never knew.
  14. I know a guy I used to work with who can't touch any computer because they hang. Yep it's strange sometimes ;)
  15. You're welcome, you can mark this topic as [SOLVED] ;) Best regards Bruno