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  1. dipCoreF4

    From the album dipCoreF4

  2. dipCoreF4 Ver.2

    yep! I can.
  3. dipCoreF4.001.jpg

    Thanks! This is the first and old version but except the small corrections they are the same circuit. The new version is pre-assembled on matte black PCB ;)
  4. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Hi Flavio, Yep I just received the PCB, too late to change and no space to add others DIN connectors, but you can add it externally with any MIDI<>Sync interface. Or you maybe have a Drum machine which can do this job. This interface can be done with a MB platform too ;) Best regards Bruno  
  5. dipCoreF4 Ver.2

    From the album dipCoreF4

    And it works :)
  6. dipCoreF4 Ver.2

    From the album dipCoreF4

    The smallest and first pre-assembled MIOS32 Core. A beautiful thing :)
  7. midiphy Trusted Builder Program

    If authorities do not put me in quarantine, my girl will do it for sure ;). HAARP, Euro format and dipCoreF4 PCBA should arrive next week normally, so I'm in for a bit of soldering next week. I hope too ;) Best regards Bruno  
  8. midiphy SEQ v4+

    A lot of switches, large and quadratic, we can suppose you're right!
  9. midiphy SEQ v4+

    No more a secret now ;)
  10. midiphy Trusted Builder Program

    It is tempting. :) I would still like to limit the area to France and perhaps French-speaking Belgium. It makes sense to limit the final shipment, it may even be added as a suggestion to your program ? Something like: "If possible, prefer a local manufacturer, to limit the ecological impact a bit and provide suitable support if English is not a confortable language for one or both contractors." I am safe and not in France ;) but the question for me is whether I can go home once my work is done ... Best Regards Bruno  
  11. midiphy Trusted Builder Program

    Hi Guys! Well done! Peter, it's sometimes frustrating not being able to give you a "like" ;) Question: Is it possible to reuse the box of the SEQ V4+ Casing you send and place a built Sequencer inside? I don't remember how mine was. Have a good WE too! Bruno  
  12. Ahah sorry, I learnt something today! thanks!
  13. Hi, Your if condition is never true cause you put initialization to 0 and increment of seccount in the same hook. APP_Tick is called by TASK_Hooks every ms. #include <mios32.h> #include <FreeRTOS.h> #include <task.h> #include "app.h" static int seccount = 0; // Init J5A+B Pin 0 as ANalog Input void APP_Init(void){ MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinInit(0, MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_ANALOG); MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinInit(4, MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_ANALOG); } void APP_Background(void) {} // Get J5A-B Pin 0 every second void APP_Tick(void){ seccount++; if (seccount > 1000) { seccount = 0; // reset counter static s16 state = 0; // Get J5A0 state = MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinGet (0); MIOS32_MIDI_SendDebugMessage("J5A-Pin0: %d ", state ) ; // Get J5b0 state = MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinGet (4); MIOS32_MIDI_SendDebugMessage("J5B-Pin0: %d ", state ) ; } } void APP_MIDI_NotifyPackage(mios32_midi_port_t port, mios32_midi_package_t midi_package){} void APP_SRIO_ServicePrepare(void){} void APP_SRIO_ServiceFinish(void){} void APP_DIN_NotifyToggle(u32 pin, u32 pin_value) {} void APP_ENC_NotifyChange(u32 encoder, s32 incrementer){}
  14. MBHP CORE V3 diagram ;)
  15. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Hello, Unfortunately, this project is again delayed, this time the reason is the corona virus :( I still wait for the boards... And I leave the country this night and during 6 weeks Grrrrrrr :/ But to cure your impatience here is final artwork for the desktop(midi only) version. Best regards Bruno