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  1. MIOS32 File Browser

  2. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thanks, @lukas412! :) Just measured this quickly and took a photo, as i am sure others will have the same question: The photo is of the new triple-PCB sandwich "A1 Expander" (8x CV out), which has the highest depth of these modules. You should be good with a 50mm deep case, the module just fits nicely in my Moog 104HP skiff despite its "max depth: 48mm" specs :). Of course all kudos for these modules fly out to Andy! Have a great weekend and many greets! Peter
  3. New eurorack modules in the house! :)

    From the album Hawkeyes MB stuff

    Finally...! :) https://www.midiphy.com/en/shop-details/137/50  
  4. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Yay! It really took a while, but just now the new midiphy eurorack essential modules were made available in the shop! :) The kit consists of five eurorack modules and extends your SEQ with a total of 8 analog (CV) and 24 digital eurorack (gates, clocks, triggers) outputs. SEQ v4+ Eurorack Modules Essential Kit Adrian again did a magnificent job with the frontpanels! Thanks a lot!!! Will create a video documentation for the build procedure, but will need a bit of time, it is holiday season and the LoopA still needs finishing :) But, these modules should not be too terribly difficult to complete, if you managed to build a v4+, you will be easily able to build those! :) Of course, these modules should also nicely work with a MBSEQ v4 (instead of a v4+), if you have a standard line transmitter board (with a DB-25 output port) installed. Have a nice weekend and enjoy! Many greets, Peter
  5. MIOS32 File Browser

    Hi Karg, could you try and copy in tasks.h and include it where needed (e.g. include from app.c)? This header contains the missing macros providing the necessary mutexes. (These mutexes are required, so that a terminal communication, e.g. debug logging does not interrupt another MIDI data transfer over the same USB line, thus mixing up things and producing garbage). I think they should be preprocessor macros instead of functions: #define MUTEX_MIDIIN_TAKE { while( xSemaphoreTakeRecursive(xMIDIINSemaphore, (portTickType)1) != pdTRUE ); } Many greets, have fun and good luck! Peter  
  6. Hi Jose, no problem! In FX Duplication menu it should work like this: Number of additional channels: 1 Port: e.g. USB1 FirstChannel: Channel number on the USB1 "port", e.g. channel number 1 Then you will get a copy of the note data of that track on USB1, Channel 1. If you set up a higher number of additional channels, more channels will be used on that port to clone the note data - that makes no sense for recording, but in scenarios where you might want to output the track e.g. to multiple synths so that they would "layer" your sounds this is a nice feature. Best regards and have fun! Peter
  7. Hi Jose, probably not related to your MOTU interface, but what you can do (and what any new SEQ software supports) is to shadow-output track MIDI data to another port/channel. So, you could basically just attach your SEQ to your computer (cubase will see it as four MIDI USB ports) and duplicate the MIDI output to relevant USB Ports and channels. Thus, capturing should be quite easy. To activate it, within your SEQ go to MENU -> FX -> Dupl. and set up a duplication target for every track. Have a great day and many greets! Peter
  8. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @lukas412 Looks very nice! Congrats to #20! Many greets, Peter
  9. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @knochenfabrik looks really great in the case, very cool! Many greets, Peter
  10. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @Karg yes, looks great using the blue-green color scheme! Congrats to #19! Many greets, Peter
  11. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @Dimduj just a two quick answers, probably not everything covered: * SHIFT on the new v4+ frontpanel equals the SELECT button on the old one - in this context, if you have a look at the handbook: http://ucapps.de/midibox_seq_manual_m.html and search for "SELECT" (with case sensitive search!) you will see all the context-specific features it enables, just as an example, in the track transpose screen, SHIFT switches between Octave and Semitone transposition selection * Follow Mode (also when not recording) can be enabled by pressing the MENU + EXIT buttons simultaneously, it should work all the time. When it is off and you are recording, the display should jump to the step range only when new notes are "entered" i think, so i'd recommend to use the standard "follow" feature by just pressing MENU + EXIT. Many greets and enjoy! Peter
  12. crimic-live-at-JET-Benefiz-Concert-2019-06-07

    Very nice & creative! Well done! Many greets, Peter
  13. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Great job, Bruno! Hope you are not mad, if I also implement a few (not all!) of the arp functions on the LoopA arp - but yours will be first, over here still working on it! ;-) Many greets and have a nice weekend! Peter  
  14. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @Dimduj and @knochenfabrikyay, great builds, well done!  Congrats to #16 and #17! Many greets, Peter
  15. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi Thorsten, also thanks for your consideration from my side! No problem at all, we don't want inefficiencies! Many greets and enjoy the weekend! Peter