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  1. Thanks, Altitude and Bruno! Bruno: used an own version of the screenshot tool, exporting to PNM files, but thanks for sending the code anyways :) Now, on to some more video editing :) Have a good evening! Peter
  2. Update! :) Well, it has certainly taken a while, but the LoopA release should really be happening soon, now! The assembly video tutorial has been completely filmed (350 GB of 4k footage), and now "just" needs video editing and voiceover. The PCBs have been built a third time and the BOMs are now verified. Also, the launch software version 2.05 has been tested, tested again and then completed :). Many thanks to Andy for the huge amount of time he invested in this, from creating the PCBs to endless dicussions to finally proofreading the manual! And here it is - we've finished the LoopA user manual, describing all features and screens in 20+ pages, so you can have a glance what the unit will do - we hope you will like it: https://www.midiphy.com/files/468/midiphy_LoopA_manual_v205.pdf Of course, there are lots of future features/enhancements on the wishlist, but the current features will be "it" for the launch and we hope you also consider them to be nice! :) An (incomplete) list of new things since the last update: * named user instruments mapping to hardware MIDI ports/channels (e.g. you can now simply use "ANDROMED" instead of memorizing MIDI OUT1/CHN1) * a detailed setup page, allowing to configure global parameters * a new and optimized page switching UI, using a onehanded two-finger-gesture facilitating "haptic finger memory" for quick page switching * fully graphical menu/page icons * a dedicated shift button, allowing for direct mutes/unmutes from every menu screen (an often needed feature) * two powerful live performance modes (beatloop/transpose), switchable and directly mapped to a separate performance encoder * MIDI metronome support * live (re)quantized swing * note randomization/probabilities (visualized als "animated quantum note clouds" if the clip notes playback probability is less than 100% :)) * note freezing option after transformations (allows e.g. to "move" notes around a clip first, freeze and then "scale" their playback speed) * integrated context-sensitive help system explaining every feature of every screen ... and a few others :) Hope you enjoy! Please stay tuned, more coming soon! Best regards, Peter
  3. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi Adam, first of all, thanks for your intensive testing, you would not want to test the new LoopA boards, too by chance? These should be ready soon :) Then, I checked all LeMEC_Rs we have in stock (new ENIG plated are a newer version than the 1.3_Rs) and a handful of remaining HASL ones with the same version 1.3 we still had as old stock - no problem on a few dozen totally tested boards, so it must be a local thing on your board, i'd expect a scratch, or a lifted/misconnecting pad or something like that. Also, the 1.3s were built by many people without that problem. Here is how i measured - PIN 1 lower superflux (red) to PIN 1 SJ connector - and i just heard a lot of beeps for many boards :) - the one in the picture is a 1.3_R. We take all quality reports seriously and if you say it's a problem on the PCB, we'll send you a new board as a replacement, i just could not reproduce it on any of the boards we have in stock. Best regards, Peter
  4. crimic - hamsterrad (art-music video)

    Yes, very good! Well done! Many greets, Peter
  5. STM32-based synth running off a MIDI port

    Nice one, but he could have cleaned his fingernails! ;-)  
  6. Got to check the arp settings on my MB6582 - but in general they should work. Which firmware version do you have installed? (Should be shown on bootup). Regarding SIDs - yes, two SIDs are required for stereo output, there should be some nice patches where different PWM modulation is put on the L/R channels, so you can hear a subtle difference between them. Perform a filter sweep to see if the filters work on both left and right channels - then both your SIDs are confirmed working - the LEDs only indicate assumed output, you've got to listen to the unit's outputs to make sure that e.g. the SID filters are not broken. If you need more output channels, you can use the Multi Engine (just init the patch that way), then you've got 6 instruments of pure SID joy (hard panned left/right)! :) Many greets and enjoy! Peter
  7. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @studio nebula maybe for your peace of mind :) - before we launched the v4+, i tested my first batch of LeMEC boards for a full week, 7x24 hours using only 10R resistors all around! No single LED failed :). The 1/8th duty cycle probably made that happen - and at fairly quick duty cycle rates we probably are looking at average current rather than peak current, if we have a good heat sinking solution, which is given for those superfluxes. The average current would only something like 60mA divided by eight when you use a 47R for red. Nevertheless Andy since then has given me the title equivalent of "mad LED slayer" or such, could not decipher the word he used, hehe :). Note also that brightness did not increase much more when going down from 22R to 10R, the LED is just saturated and the long cycle-off time and the big internal superflux heatsink material will probably keep it from burning up. I doubt that you can kill it with a 47R even with disabling the matrix. But i think you will be really safe with 100R resistors all around, but i would not worry too much, in doubt the superfluxes can be easily replaced, as they are accessible from the backside. But never had to do it yet. Have a great new week start! Many greets, Peter
  8. Yes, agreed, a power supply issue might explain it (also back then for my old V4) - @Rio: do you have access to a scope and could monitor the 3V/5V supply lines during unit startup? This might also explain why problems don't happen with low-speed cards, as the transfer speeds or card response speeds might be limited and not pushing the system that much? Many greets, Peter
  9. In the case of my old V4, it was almost certainly questionworthy wiring of the SD card attached to a too long ribbon wire - and general noise introduced by VFDs, long wires and no buffering anywhere :). I don't think the schems have changed dramatically, but Thorsten or Andy may know more. Many greets, Peter  
  10. @Rio just as a confirmation, i sometimes had this problem, too on my old SEQ V4 (not the new v4+) and it occured just at power up time. Once the startup was successful and the SD card could be read, it did not happen again during runtime. I suspect the SD card cable might have been a bit too long, or maybe it was caused an unstable power supply. After upgrading to the new v4+ (with the shorter cable within the case) i never experienced this problem again - and i am using the same physical SD card as before, unchanged since 2010 or so :). Best regards! Peter
  11. MidiBox SID Sound design tips

    @Smithy also, your MBSID drum demo still beats all of my youtube videos regarding views! :) Bad friend! :) Hehe! Many greets, Peter
  12. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    @TK. thanks a lot for your quick answer! We're discussing it! Many greets, Peter
  13. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    @TK. if you have time, would it be possible to define a requirements list of UI features (OLED real estate required, encoders, switches, 3.5mm eurorack input and output ports) that you would like to see in a new dedicated future MBCV module? :) We were lately discussing/planning a new STM32F4 based digital oscillator eurorack module which may have quite similar UI requirements - that way we might get away with a single set of PCBs that could satisfy two usecases! :). 50mm max depth is a given. Many greets and best regards! Peter  
  14. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    @lukas412 awesome! Hope you will have lots of fun buildling and using your new modules! Best regards! Peter
  15. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    @lukas412 recently TK. came over for a visit, for a long walk and also to grab his new set of these modules! :) We performed a tracking test in conjunction with a purely digital oscillator on a MIDI controlled synth and could not really hear any problem at all over many octaves. That is, if you perform good calibration, which is explained in the video tutorial in chapter 64, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD8VeSuTKWI&t=5561s Have fun and many greets! Peter